Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dream 395

'Baby Milk Bottles Made From Biggie's Nipples'
Dream date: 26 March 2015
I was in a dark bedroom, which was apparently my own, in a house in which I lived with my mum and my stepdad. The bedroom did not look anything like an actual bedroom in which I have ever slept, and for the entirety of this dream scene, the lights were off in this room. I have drawn a diagram of how this bedroom appeared in the dream, rather than having to explain it in text. 

My parents came into the room and indicated that they were now going to bed. I noticed that RR - the estranged wife of one of my friends, and not a friend of my own - was in the room with me, sitting on the double bed. I knew RR was married to my friend in the dream and I also knew that we were not actually friends, so wondered why we were socialising together in my bedroom. RR seemed to be quite pleasant, so the thought did not trouble me for long. We turned on a stereo, which was under a window. I wondered if the music would wake up my parents, but since they hadn't complained, decided it must be fine. I am not sure what kind of music was being played. I looked out of the window - there was a concrete yard just outside and it was crowded with young boys (teenagers), all being rowdy and playful, running around and making lots of loud noise. There was an older male dream character with them, who I thought might be their teacher or somehow in charge of them. There was a football which was being kicked about. One of the teenage boys came to the window and passed me a cannabis joint, unlit. I decided that RR and I should smoke the joint in my room, but to stop the smoke/smell leaving the room and being discovered by my parents, I placed a towelling bathroom at the foot of the closed door, like a draught-excluder. I noticed that there was a gap between the door and the wall, and thought that the smoke/smell might still leave the room. We started smoking the cannabis. I checked the door, and noticed that - without myself or RR touching it - the bathrobe had been moved away from the bottom of the door, leaving the gap between the door and the carpet exposed. I replaced it, worried that my parents might smell the cannabis smoke, but nothing happened. 

I was then at my university, on the walkway between the Dean of Students office (where I work part-time) and the bookshop (Waterstones). This space was now much narrower than it is in real-life, and the wall of the walkway was flush to the sides of both buildings. There were some benches against this. I have posted some photographs which show the general area, and also the fact that there did used to be a bench in the same location as my dream! However, there was a second bench adjacent to the one shown in the image (below). I was sitting on the bench shown in the image. Jay-Z and another rapper (I cannot recall who) were sitting next to me on the one adjacent. Standing in front of us, was LT (a girl from my high school who I have not seen since my teenage years). She handed Jay-Z a baby's milk bottle which had a large nipple on the end (the teat of the bottle where the baby suckles). The nipple belonged to Notorious BIG/Biggie (1972 - 1997). Jay-Z was then telling us about a party he attended, and we were all laughing and having fun together.

The scene changed and I was then on the set of a chat show, which was in the process of being filmed (with a live audience) for TV. There was a male dream character (30 - 40 years, white with short blonde hair) in the audience who was waving his hands about and shouting frantically - he looked as if he was having some kind of seizure, as his face was bright red and he seemed to be out of control of his actions. As if prompted by the seizure of the audience member, a special guest was invited to the stage - it was Eminem, but not the genuine Marshall Mathers III - just an impersonator who looked fairly similar to the real Eminem. He was wearing a baggy white outfit and had many thick gold chains around his neck. However, the entire audience believed this was actually Eminem and it was only me (who was standing to the side of the stage and got a good look at him) who could tell it was simply a look-a-like. 

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I had been talking to LD - RR's estranged husband.
  • After writing up my last dream (Dream 394), I had tried to find Patrick - the boy from my old high school. I had found his band page on Facebook after suddenly remembering his last name and decided I would listen to their music - telling my friend that I would only do this when my housemate wasn't in bed asleep in case it disturbed her. 
  • I have had many recent dreams about possessing or smoking cannabis (Dream 390, Dream 391 and Dream 393). 
  • The day of this dream, I had also had a heated discussion on the Lucid Dreaming page on Facebook, informing other (adult) members that they should not promote the use of illegal/recreational drugs either in relation to requests for advice made by beginner lucid dreamers, or otherwise. I had mentioned that there are many young (i.e. teenage) impressionable members who use the site and take the more experienced (or seemingly so) lucid dreamers' suggestions as gospel and may be influenced to experiment with drugs. I was discussing this conversation and also my own use of cannabis in a private message with my friend, another lucid dreamer.
  • I posted a news article from the local newspaper on my Facebook the day of this dream. It was about an incident involving students calling an ambulance for their friend who had consumed too much alcohol. It referred to the Dean of Students Office and had a typo, which read: 'Dead of Students Office'.
  • On the day of this dream I was talking to my friend about a local person whose last name is 'Waters' - thus similar to 'Waterstones'.
  • The day of this dream I had read an article about the 'Free the Nipple Campaign'.
  • A few days before this dream, DL and I had played a drinking game where we tried to perform hip hop tracks - I had tried to do a Jay-Z track and a Biggie track as they are both favourites of mine.
  • The day of this dream I had seen a screenshot from the Eminem video, 'The Real Slim Shady' (2000) which takes place in a psychiatric hospital and depicts manufactured clones of Eminem.

Waking Thoughts/Emotions:
I didn't really have any clear waking thoughts and emotions after this dream that stand out in my mind.

* I have definitely forgotten quite a lot of this dream, so I will record any parts that I later remember below.

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