Saturday, 21 March 2015

Dream 388

'Something on the Coastline'
Dream date: 19 March 2015
My memories of this dream are too hazy to write a proper dream report. Therefore I have produced a stream of consciousness picture to illustrate the visual imagery I can remember from the dream and also have done some automatic/free association writing on my vague memories of this dream.

AP - blonde hair - some kind of duty - leaving - vacation or holiday- someone is having a baby - growth - abundance - sunshine - daylight - beach - pale blue-grey meets white - sand at my feet - on the horizon it's all foggy - there is something fat and brown - fur - bear - round - moving - being pulled by ropes - tug-of-war - tent - lots of people - gathered around the big, fat brown thing on the horizon - dragging it to shore - making it safe - removing it from the sea - mist - dreary - drizzle - the sun has gone in now - it's nearly Christmas - Holt, Norfolk - family - visits.

Day/Dream Residue:
Not known

Waking Thoughts/Emotions:
Confusion as to what the dream was about, but generally positive mood upon waking.

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