Friday, 27 March 2015

Dream 396

'She Came for the Stabbing at Night'
Dream date: 26 March 2015
I am very disappointed with my level of recall in this dream. I woke up remembering it in a series of fragments and now I can recall very little of it.

There was a scene involving Nic Haste (nee Chapman) of Pixiwoo. I can recall no more than the fact she appeared as a character in my dream.

One scene involved me thinking I was in Manchester, a place I used to live temporarily in my teenage years (because I started dating a boy from that area and wanted to live there for the skateboarding and alternative music scene). However, none of the locations I can recall seemed to be in Manchester, but rather I was just outside my house in Norwich. There was one scene where I was outside my house, by my front door and it was night. I was with a female dream character (unrecalled) who was standing on the pavement (which is on a slightly higher level than the entrance to my house), leaning on the concrete post, and we were discussing a stabbing which was going to happen. I think it was going to be filmed. At the last minute I decided that we couldn't stay in this area for some reason and I felt anxious. Then another female dream character (also unrecalled) started approaching us from the direction of the Terraces. It seemed she was expected, but because she had been delayed we assumed she was not actually coming. I was relieved to see her turn up, as this meant that whatever we were planning to do could now go ahead. I think we were going to prevent the stabbing - or be the persons filming it. My memory is very unclear.

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • On the day of this dream, I had watched a Youtube video featuring Nic Haste/Chapman.

Waking Thoughts/Emotions:
This dream was really hard to recall and the bits I did remember when I first awoke, were fragmented and hazy. However, I did recall much more when I first woke up, but the noise of workmen outside and me looking at my phone to check the time (I woke several hours before my alarm) meant I managed to forget a lot of it. I got the impression from what I did  recall when I first awoke that this dream was not particularly positive or enjoyable - but not necessarily negative or troubling. I just don't think this was an especially exciting dream.

* If I can recall any of the forgotten parts of this dream, I will record them below.

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