Thursday, 19 March 2015

Dream 385

'Vice Want My Uterus on Show'
Dream date: 16 March 2015
I was in a large brightly-lit room which had what looked like surgical equipment in it. It was actually a photographic studio and I was putting makeup on the face of a brown-haired white female dream character, ready for a photo-shoot - I think she was a model. However, I could not get the (too-dark/orangey) foundation to blend properly and the makeup looked badly applied and obvious/caked on. I saw a close-up of the model's face and realised I needed to work more to make the makeup look better, so I asked her to sit back down in the chair (which looked like a dentist's chair) and tried to use a makeup brush to blend the foundation in more.

The scene changed and I was in a school corridor - not a school I have attended in real-life. I was aware that Vice was making a documentary about me. I was supposed to show my uterus to a random man (a white male dream character). This involved me cutting my uterus out and placing it in a bucket, while being filmed. I was unsure about this - but mainly because I did not like the male who I was supposed to show my uterus to. We were together in the corridor and I got the impression that he was either smug or arrogant. I went into a nearby classroom - I realised that this was a classroom from my actual real-life primary school. There was another white male dream character there, who I thought might be a better person to 'see my uterus' in my Vice documentary. I cannot recall much about this male dream character, other than the fact I preferred him to the initial one. I started hugging the new male dream character, wondering how I could arrange it for him to be in the Vice documentary with me.

I then left the classroom, and walked out into the corridor. It was indeed the corridor of my old primary school. I could see the initial male dream character (the one I didn't like) walking away from me. He was wearing really hideous black baggy trousers which had tight ankle cuffs; and really weird pointy black shoes which looked too long for his feet. I was happy that he was to be replaced in the Vice documentary as I knew he definitely wasn't the right person to show my uterus to.

The dream scene then changed and I was looking at Lindsay Lohan. Although I could see her in the third-person, I was thinking as 'her' as if I was now her, but seeing her from the outside. She was wearing an emerald green dress and leaning against a low wall in an outside daytime environment. A group of very posh, white male dream characters approached her. As Lindsay Lohan, I thought: 'I wonder if I can attract these upper-class guys?' I thought that if I could get these rich men to fancy me, I might be able to live a life of wealth and culture. 

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I had a conversation with my friend about a man (unknown to me) who has a strange fetish for ejaculation directly onto a woman's uterus. I had told my friend this was impossible as the uterus is internal and cannot be accessed from via a woman's vagina. This was several days before this dream took place.
  • I commented on an article published online by Cosmopolitan magazine after reading an earlier comment about female anatomy. In my response, I had referred to the uterus. This was the day before I had this dream.
  • Several days before I had this dream I saw an image of Lindsay Lohan, re-published from her Instagram account by the Daily Mail online newspaper. The image had been badly and very obviously photoshopped by Lohan herself, to make herself appear thinner and more curvier.
  • I am an avid fan of Youtube makeup tutorials.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I thought this was a funny dream and when I woke up my initial thoughts and feelings were about how weird and vivid this dream was, and I could instantly see the humour in it.

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