Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Dream 394

'Living the Grunge Life!'
Dream date: 24 March 2015
I was in a school - it may have been my former high school, but I do not know for sure, as I only walked down the corridors, which were very dark and crowded with students. However, the presence of some of my former school friends may be an indication. I saw a boy, whose name I know was 'Patrick' - he was in the year below me at school in real-life. Patrick looked a lot like Kurt Cobain and dressed similarly to him, and had talent in playing the guitar. At school he was quite quiet, nice and easy going. He was not a 'friend' as such, but we got on well - mainly because I liked his alternative style. I was walking behind Patrick and two other boys. I knew Patrick had just enrolled in this school - he was a new student in the dream. A teacher stopped me from following Patrick (I was planning to go and speak to him) and told me that a female student had dropped out of the school and that everyone was very disappointed in her. I was annoyed about being distracted by the teacher.

I then sat down - I am not sure where. A school friend, SW (with whom I sometimes chat) sat down next to me. He had a large bag of sweets, which he was eating with a fork. The sweets were some kind of knobbly biscuit or cereal, covered in white chocolate and there were large pieces of fresh strawberry. I took the packet (which was white and looked like a family-sized crisp packet) and tried one of these sweets. I thought it tasted disgusting and too sugary. SW said: 'Don't eat them all'. I handed the packet back to him, thinking that I wasn't planning to eat anymore of them - one was enough.

I was then at a festival site. It was daytime and sunny. There was a sizeable circular enclosure on the grass, with a fence which was only about 10 cm high. I am not sure what was in the enclosure, but my Facebook friend, JCC, came over with his 'girlfriend' (a dream character, not a real-life person) who was small and very thin with dyed red hair and many piercings. She was dressed in a grunge style, as was JCC. He bent over and used a fishing rod to hook a T-shirt out of the enclosure, It was printed with the face of a brown Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy and I thought it was a really nice T-shirt. JCC put the T-shirt on.

We were then in an interior scene - a thrift store. JCC was sitting by the window with his girlfriend. My mum and nan were also in the store, a short distance away from me. I bent down to look at a display, which was a very low, long shelf - where there were shoes and clothing stacked. I wanted to see if there were any clothes I could buy for myself to make myself look 'cooler'. As I was looking at a pair of pink platform trainers (which were ugly), I accidentally knocked the items off the shelf, which collapsed to the floor. As well as the clothes, a porcelain lamp fell, but it didn't break. I tidied the items and placed the clothing and lamp back on the shelf. Someone from behind me - I think it was an employee of the store - said: 'You have to pay for breakages'. I said: 'Nothing is broken, but it's your job to tidy up!' I thought I had done her a favour by putting the items back on the shelf, since I did not work there.

I then noticed that I had lost one of my plastic barrettes - an oval shaped red one (a little similar to some I have in my large collection). I felt sad, because now I no longer had a pair, just one. 

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • The day of this dream I had uploaded a new picture to my Facebook with the caption 'grunge makeup look' - a 'friend' who is also a member of the Lucid Dreaming page I participate in starting talking about grunge fashion - specifically Courtney Love (who he said did not dress 'grunge') and Kurt Cobain. He seemed misinformed about a lot of what he said (he did not live through the grunge era as he is very much younger than me, whereas I was heavily influenced by it at during the growth and peak in it's popularity during the 1990s). He also had some very strange views on drugs/depression/sex which made me think he is an immature and ignorant individual who has little experience in a lot of what he is very vocal (and naive) about. I ended up explaining to him - at one stage in the conversation - that Courtney did epitomise a strand of grunge fashion for girls - the anti-mainstream, thrift-store kinderwhore look - and that despite being an icon of my own, Kurt Cobain did not change the world, only music and popular culture - he represented a huge part of the Zeitgeist of the 1990s, but did not make a material difference to the world at large (I am a huge Nirvana fan and specifically a Kurt fan, so I don't say this as a criticism of him at all). This conversation got me thinking about grunge fashion.
  • My cousin posted a picture of Kurt Cobain on Facebook a few days before I had this dream. I posted an image of Courtney Love the same day of this dream - I associate her with wearing plastic barrettes, like the ones I myself own and wear.
  • JCC had commented on the photo/status about my grunge fashion look - in a positive and complimentary way.
  • The day of this dream, I had been looking at photographs of brown staffy puppies online.
  • Patrick could have been a look-a-like for Kurt Cobain during the time I knew him.
  • I am planning to go to a festival in a couple of months and I had discussed this with my mum on the day I had this dream. It is a hip hop festival and JCC is a hip hop fan.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I awoke from this dream feeling that my memories of it were not as vivid as they seemed like they might be while I was experiencing the dream. I can't explain what I mean, because dream vividness is intrinsically linked to dream recall. I think I recalled the dream perfectly when I awoke, but within seconds the memories faded because my hair was caught and I had to untangle it and therefore got distracted. I have been trying to remember Patrick's last name - he is not on Facebook or tagged into his online class photograph (which is so small I cannot specifically pick him out) - I have asked some of his former classmates to help, but the ones who responded said they cannot remember him! I think this is because he was quite shy and introverted at school.

* If I recall any of the forgotten parts of this dream, I will record them below.

* Just after I posted this dream and was telling a friend how I was hoping to find out Patrick's last name, but had no luck so far - it came back to me in a flash: 'Moody'. He is not on Facebook or I would add him so I could tell him about this dream!

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