Thursday, 5 March 2015

Dream 379

'Black Pudding & Bad Cannabis Deals'
I was in a strange room which seemed to be a composite of my own kitchen at home in Norwich; a classroom (unfamiliar) and a cafe, with round, red velvet booths. I was sitting at a breakfast bar area. I saw my friend from school, LD, wearing a white apron. He was serving two young males, seated in the booths. I went to speak to him and he told me that he was serving them black pudding. I asked if they liked black pudding and LD said: 'They don't know what they are eating, but they love it!'

I went back to my seat at the breakfast bar/counter, which now seemed to be much lower than it previously was. My male friend, DJ, came over and said that there had been some mistake with a cannabis deal he had arranged between me and his other female friend (a dream character). Apparently, the female had sold me £20 of cannabis, but had got her weights muddled and actually given me a 4g deal (that would cost £40, but it would be rare to get the stated quantity of 1g for £10 because people under-weigh on purpose). I said this could not be true because I had weighed the cannabis when I received it, and it weighed 2g. He demanded that I return 4g of cannabis to the female - via him - and she would give me back my money. I laughed at him and said that it was too late, I had smoked most of the cannabis I had received, He was adamant that his friend would be upset with him if he did not get the cannabis back from me, but I stood my ground. I then 'saw' the female dream character (the supplier of the cannabis). I am not sure if I saw her in person (whether she was actually in my environment) or whether she was simply a mental projection. She was a young white woman with longish, straight, gingery-brown hair wearing jeans and a casual top, carrying a backpack on her shoulders. 

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