Thursday, 12 March 2015

Dream 382

'Bleeding Statutes, Massive Two Pence Pieces & Infidelity'
My university friend and colleague, JL, proposed to me. We were in a large room which seemed to be a composite of a domestic lounge and a restaurant/cafe. JL was sitting at one end of the room, which was filled with unknown dream characters, seated at small round tables at the edges of the space. I accepted the large diamond ring JL gave me as an engagement ring. I immediately went to each table and propositioned the male dream characters seated there - with the intent to be unfaithful. JL was watching this happen, but did not intervene or say anything.

I was then in another room, which seemed to be a domestic room - or some kind of waiting room, decorated to look like a lounge. My mum, nan and some other persons who I think may have been family members were there. Also present was a small male child (aged approximately 2 -3 years old). He had thick black hair (like my own in texture) and was wearing a bright yellow T-shirt. We had lots of shopping bags and gift bags at our feet, while we sat at some sofas, which were positioned to face one another. I was sitting next to my mum. Adjacent to the sofas was a window, with a piggy bank or some kind of money box on the window sill. The small child approached me, to tell me something. He seemed restless and in need of being occupied (the way small children are when they are bored or over-tired). I said: 'Sit with me and let me give you a cuddle'. The little boy refused and said: 'Why do adults want to cuddle children all the time?' I replied: 'Because you are cute and also you are my son'. The little boy reached into one of the bags and pulled out a two pence piece - it was massive - about the circumference of a tennis ball. He asked: 'Why is it so big?' and my nan said: 'They used to be that big until they made them smaller' and showed him a regular sized coin. The little boy put the massive 2p in the piggy bank/money box on the window sill. 

I was then in an outside environment, but it was as if I wasn't really there as an active participant in the dream scene - I was just a passive observer. It was daylight and quite cold as there was a strong wind blowing. However, there was also sunshine which indicated it was Spring or Summer. There was an older male cream character - white, with grey hair (in his 50s) wearing a brown and grey tweed outfit which made me think he was a History Professor. We were on a large grass verge which trailed down to a large flat grassy bank. Beyond this bank (in view) was a cliff edge. On the top of the verge were two graves/tombs which were beautiful - they were illuminated with pastel lights which were set in the stone, which was ornately carved. The dream character (Historian) informed me - but not by words, more like his thoughts - that these graves were that of a husband and wife. He ran down the verge and I was following him. On the grassy bank, about 50m away was another grave. This belonged to the dead couple's maid. I wondered why this grave was so far away from the others with so much open, available space. We approached the maid's grave. It was a figurative sculpture of either a mermaid or a sea nymph, curled into a crouching position, making her look round. This was carved in some kind of grey stone, and the sculpture was quite rounded and difficult to decipher at first, because the head/limbs and other body parts were folded under the main body. The Historian pulled the sculpture a little - the way you might move a living flesh-and-blood body to rouse it. He pointed out that she had been killed by a huge gash which had been slashed into her underarm. I saw that this massive sound was pouring with fresh blood. 

I was then in an office, which was very dark. It had lots of cubicles for the office staff to work in, but there were all positioned in a messy way in the centre of the room, which was very dark and poorly lit. Around the outside of the room were glass-walled offices, for the senior workers/managers. I was seated in a cubicle on the outside of the messy cluster - with my back to one of the glass-walled offices. I was aware I did not actually work in the office, but was visiting or there for another reason. A male dream character - a middle-aged white man in a black business suit, came out of one of the glass offices. He said to me: 'You've been posting naked pictures on your Facebook'. I could hear the other office workers all talking negatively about me and insulting me from inside their cubicles and felt annoyed. I said that it was 'my right' to do so, and took off all of my clothes. The male dream character manager did the same, and we walked around the edge of the cubicles. I felt justified in doing this, and liberated in my nakedness. I was happy to expose myself to prove I was entitled to present myself in this way.

I then found myself in a basement with the manager and Chris Morris (one of my favourite TV/radio broadcasters, possibly my actual favourite). The basement looked quite industrial, as there was lots of machinary stored down there and it was completely dark, with only the people/things I looked at illuminated enough for me to see them clearly. It also seemed to be very damp/wet down there. The manager was telling Chris that a journalist had been unable to write an article to the standard he expected and he was annoyed by the delay in publishing the work. Chris said that he would write the article himself, and the manager was disputing Chris' journalistic abilities. There was a moment when I was not looking at either Chris or the manager - I think I was exploring the immediate area of the basement. When I came back to the table at which we had been sitting, Chris' head was large (about 4 times bigger than a normal human head) and almost completely featureless, although it was lumpy and not smooth (almost like someone had been trying to sculpt a human head from beige-pink clay and then stopped after getting the basic shape in place). Chris had started to write the article on an old-fashioned typewriter. The manager was standing at the edge of the desk, holding a cigarette packet which was huge - about the size of a suitcase. He said that he had made Chris' head out of old cigarette packets. After Chris finished the article, we started walking around the basement together.

I was then in a room with my family again - my mum and nan were there. We were sitting on sofas again, but this time, in the middle of a room, the details of which I cannot recall. My mum said that we were 'going out for lunch'. I asked her where we were going and she was in a bad mood with me and deliberately evasive, not answering my question. I was getting annoyed and said that I would not be going anywhere unless I knew where in advance. My nan asked: 'Are you coming to my house?' to which my mum said: 'No we are going to lunch with RC and his girlfriend' [she said the name of the woman, but I could not recall it, as it was a dream character name, not RC's real-life girlfriend - as a background to this detail in the dream, RC is an older male who I met in Sheringham when he was an adult and I was 14 years old. He used to drink and gamble a lot and had a reputation of being a 'waster' despite the fact he is kind-hearted and harmless. He had unfortunate family circumstances. While it sounds improper that a (platonic and functioning) friendship might occur between a teenage girl and a man in his 20s, I am still very good friends with RC to this day, and have always seen the best in him. On one occasion, I even saved his life in an emergency! RC never - or very rarely in my knowledge - has had a stable relationship since I have known him] I asked why we were going to lunch with RC and his girlfriend (my mum and nan know and like RC, but I could see this was an unlikely event, even in the dream). My mum said it was because 'they were grateful we supported their prawn company'. I had the vague idea that my mum was still manager and chef in a local hotel and had been ordering their prawns for the business, so I accepted her explanation. I then realised - without us actually going to meet them for lunch - that RC could not make it, so it would just be his girlfriend. However, the girlfriend was now a young male dream character. I went and took a bath (the bath/bathroom was a composite between PS's bathroom in London and my own bathroom in Norwich). I had my laptop with me and it was not working - it just turned off. I realised that it was because I had dropped the laptop in the bath water (this not being actually seen/experienced in the dream). The male dream character (standing in for RC's girlfriend) entered the bathroom to help fix my laptop. I was shocked that he just walked in, and tried to object, but my mum followed him in saying: 'it's fine, you're together now' which indicated that I had entered into some kind of relationship with this dream character, without realising it until my mum said. 

There was a scene where my mum, the male dream character in the previous scene, and I were driving in a car.

* This dream happened during a 14-hour sleep (I have NO idea how I managed to sleep this long, as I laid down in bed at 4:00 pm for a nap and woke up at 6:00 am!) I know that there were parts of the dream which I cannot fully remember, but have a vague memory of taking place. If I do remember them, I will write them below.

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