Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dream 393

'Two Banana-Shaped Moons'
Dream date: 23 March 2015
I was in a class-room - I think it was supposed to be a university class (this was confirmed later). I was with some friends from high school - I think VW and SF were there and some boys, but I cannot really recall who. We were all sitting in a line, and I was on the end of the table, closest to one of the doors. I have drawn a diagram of the classroom lay-out so it is easier to understand. The teacher was a young female - white, with dark brown hair. She indicated that one of my classmates go to a filing cabinet and get our exam papers. When I received my own exam script - which was typed on several sides of A4 paper, stapled together at the top left corner - I realised this was an English Literature class. I only caught a glimpse of what I had written, and I had mentioned Johnny Depp - it was a piece of creative writing. I turned the exam script over. On the back of the last page were some grades. The teacher asked me to read out what my grade was. She was crouched down by the end of the table, next to me. I found that I could not read my grade, which was - I thought - a percentage. I could not see if it was a 28% or 82% or something completely different. I said to the teacher: 'I can't read it because I am number dyslexic' (I do have dyscalculia in real-life, but I feel the main difficulty in reading my grade came from the fact I was trying to read numbers in a dream, which can yield bizarre results). 

The teacher told me that I had got a 2.1 grade (this confirmed I was at university). She said I needed to sign next to the grade to confirm that I had understood. I went to sign my signature, but then saw a list of other grades above, all with signatures next to them. They were mainly all 95% and the teacher said: 'Those were your previous grades'. This made me feel annoyed, because on this basis, I had done poorly on this particular exam (a 2.1 grade at university is usually between 60 - 69%). I said: 'It's wrong how the English Literature class is always creative writing!' I thought that the class should be more focused on literary analysis and essay-writing. I then realised that I liked creative writing (I do!) and said: 'Even though I want to be a novelist' (I do!) The teacher said: 'You're not ready for that yet'. 

The teacher split the class into two groups and got them to crouch on the floor (where indicated by the grey circle on the diagram) and wait for her. She left the room. There was a male teacher standing in the corner, who I had not noticed before. He was wearing a smart grey suit and was also quite young. He did not do or say anything. While the other classmates - approximately 8 others - were crouched in two groups of 4 people - all looking downwards at the floor), I was left standing by the side of the desk at which I had been sitting. I realised I was the ninth person and my role was different from my classmates. I didn't know what I should be doing - I was bored and felt left out. From behind me, MO - my former high school form tutor, who I disliked entered the classroom (in real-life, she had told me I would 'never make anything of myself' when I was only 12/13 years old - and was a little shocked when my mum told her I had two degrees, a Masters degree, was a qualified lawyer and studying for a PhD in more recent times!) She asked me to come and join her to help her with a task. I did not want to go with her. I tried to protest saying I had to wait for the teacher to return as I was involved in a class activity. I then noticed that MO's son was one of my classmates, crouched on the floor (he was in my year at school in real-life). MO said it was fine for me to leave and I would be better off helping her. I felt pressurised and I decided to go with her.

We were then on a beach and it was a hot, sunny day. I was helping MO build a shed/beach hut on the sand. It was really difficult lifting the heavy wood and placing it in the right places. The wood with both natural brown and painted blue. The beach looked exactly like the one at Great Yarmouth, where the donkey rides are located - beside the Brittania Pier, which we were standing under. There was a grassy bank nearby - the grass was brown and wilting in the sun. As I was listing the wooden parts of the beach hut, N the Dog was present, trying to play. He was making it difficult as he kept biting the planks of wood, but I thought it was funny and cute. Someone, standing just off to one side, told MO that the beach hut would be a great location for afternoon cocktails. I was slightly annoyed, because I thought the beach hut was being constructed for some educational purpose. We carried on building it.

I was then in a room (I think it was a shop), the details of which I cannot recall. Someone - a male dream character who was familiar to me, but I cannot recall who - gave me a catalogue with pictures of puppies in it. I was asked to choose which one was my favourite. I initially chose a brown one on the top of the left page. The male dream character said: 'But that's not a staffy!' and I noticed that it was probably a Jack Russell Terrier. I chose again - a white and brown one - but then realised that this was a breed I was unfamiliar with. I scanned all of the images until I found the one which was the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (my favourite breed) and said: 'This is the one'. 

I was then in my nan's living-room in Sheringham, sitting on the sofa with my mum. On the TV was a scene with three young black women, sitting around a circular table in a cafe. I realised that this was The Cosby Show (1984 - 1992). I disagreed with this being aired on TV, because I was aware (in the dream) that these actresses had been the victims of sexual assault by Bill Cosby (against whom many allegations of rape and sexual abuse have been made in recent times). There was a close-up of one of the actress's faces. She looked very much like Christina Milian (I thought this while in the dream) - she was drinking a milkshake through a straw and her face looked very sad. I thought that this was because of Cosby's sexual abuse of her. 

I was then somewhere (not sure if indoors or outside) and it was night. I was looking up at the sky and could see that there were two moons - one of them normal colour, and the other very yellow. There was also a planet visible - bright red - making me assume that it was Mars. These cosmic bodies were very large and easily viewed. I called over DL and pointed out the two moons. I was not surprised by the presence of the planet at all - that seemed normal. I knew we were witnessing something very special in seeing the two moons and I wondered where the second, yellow moon had come from. I set my mind on investigating this. I seemed to be looking at the moons and planet for quite some time. 

It was the next day and DL and I were standing in my nan's living-room, beside the dining table. There was a quantity of cannabis on the table and DL was placing it in two large plastic baggies. He asked me if I thought he had distributed it equally between them and I said he had. He then handed me one of the baggies, as we went to depart the room - to go and speak to someone (an expert) about the moons. When I looked down, I realised the baggy was actually a mobile phone. As my hand went to the door, I noticed that the screen of the phone had a strange uneven ridge in it, which caught on my fingers as I ran them over the surface. At first I thought it had been caused by the door - perhaps hitting the phone screen, and then I realised that it was just a cracked screen which had always been there. I said to DL: 'You gave me the wrong phone' (DL's phone screen has a crack in it from where he dropped it on my bathroom floor, in real-life). He looked, realised he had, and swapped the phones, giving me my undamaged one. 

We were then walking along - we were in a different town from Sheringham, although I am not sure where it was. It did not look familiar. We went into one shop - to talk to the shopkeeper about the moons - but realised that the shop was just a newsagents. We then went into another shop and I became aware that DL was now my best friend from high school, SF. The shop had a long counter with some books on it and a stand with some information written on it. Behind the desk was an old man with a long grey/white beard. I thought this man must be an expert on moons. I said: 'Why are there two moons?' I then had a sudden thought - that one of the many moons of Venus (Venus does not have any natural satellites in real-life) had accidentally left its orbit and travelled towards Earth. I wondered how it would return to it's orbit around Venus and was slightly worried about this idea. I saw a view from space (as if I was floating in space), of Venus and a moon leaving it's orbit and heading towards Earth.

The man behind the counter said: 'You came to ask about the two banana-shaped moons?' and pointed at the stand on his desk (which was a small, hinged chalkboard), on which was written some information about the moon phenomenon. I thought it was odd that he referred to them as 'banana-shaped' because they had looked like normal spherical moons. He said: 'The yellow-flame moon is Baron's Moon - it floated past all the planets to come to Earth.' This really shocked me, as in the dream 'Baron' was the name of Pluto. I wondered how the moon had managed to leave Pluto's orbit and come all the way to Earth - it seemed impossible that it could float all that way through space without anyone noticing this. He also said the red planet was Venus, which I thought was odd, because Mars is the red planet. I was still thinking about the moon phenomenon, when SF held out her arms and said: 'My brother likes to beat me!' She was smiling and seemed unconcerned about this revelation of violence. She handed a pink cheque to the old man behind the desk and said: 'Can you cash this cheque for me?' and then left. I was aware that there was a post office at the back of the shop. I decided I should leave my post there as well. I sat on the floor and I rolled a cigarette with loose tobacco, then burned the end of it (not smoking it). I then attached a postage stamp to it (wrapping it around the cigarette), and asked the man if he could 'send' if for me. He said he hoped the glue on the Rizla was sticking properly - I looked and noticed it wasn't, but hoped the stamp would hold it all together. I handed it to the man.

I then had to return home by myself. I said (to no-one, because I was alone, but I seemed to be mentally communicating with someone) that I would walk from Norwich (where I apparently was) via Great Yarmouth to Sheringham (this would be an impossible walk for me to do - it is physically possible, but it a route of nearly 45 miles. The person with whom I was telepathically communicating (I think it may have been my mum) protested mu ability to walk this distance and suggested I take the bus home, but I was adamant I wanted to walk this strange convoluted route. I was still thinking about 'Baron's Moon' and how strange it was.

* Note that Pluto's actual moon is called 'Charon'! This didn't even register in my mind until I wrote this Blog post and searched for an image of the dwarf planets (the Kuiper Belt objects) in the outer solar system to illustrate it - I saw an annotated image on the internet which showed Charon orbiting Pluto. The recognition of this fact made me feel really shocked and overwhelmed!

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • The night before this dream I had a discussion with my friend about our creative writing aspirations. My friend was telling me about his Editor who was impossible to work with and suggested that if his college tutors had treated him in the same way as the Editor, then his exams would have been manipulated to ensure he got completely different grades (his Editor always changed every aspect of his writing and made him feel completely inadequate).
  • It was on my mind that I needed to print off hardcopies of my case studies (for my PhD) and then staple them together, before I could do my data analysis.
  • I had a conversation with someone about Dyscalculia two days before this dream.
  • The day before this dream I had seen a picture of MO's son on the internet (Facebook) - he had been holding a puppy in the photograph.
  • I had seen some pictures on the internet - and also, specifically on a friend's Facebook - of some beach huts.
  • The day of this dream, someone mentioned that it must be calming and peaceful to live by the sea. They had initially asked if I was raised in Norwich, and I had said that I had been raised in Sheringham and that I moved to Norwich (the closest city) as an adult.
  • The day that this dream took place (23 March 2015) was National Puppy Day - raising awareness of puppy adoption.
  • The day of this dream I had seen a picture of Christina Milian in a newspaper - she was drinking a Margarita cocktail, using a straw.
  • The day of this dream I had a conversation with someone about the recent eclipse. That person had referred to the moon as the 'Blood Moon' and said it's presence had brought him positivity. 
  • Shortly before I went to bed and had this dream I had eaten two bananas.
  • On the day of this dream, a member on the Lucid Dreaming page on Facebook had uploaded a 'photo manipulation' which showed a beach at night, with a galaxy effect and a large planet.moon visible. It was captioned: 'wouldn't you love to go here in a lucid dream?' or words to that general effect. Next to this photograph on Facebook, there was a 'suggestion' for a page I might like - it was a page dedicated to the dwarf planet 'Eris'.
  • Before I went to bed I was discussing the infinity of the universe with a friend and he had said 'imagine if you could travel to the edge of the universe and then end up coming back to Earth from the other direction' (like when you go to the edge of a video game screen and then pop out on the other side.
  • DL is also 'Baron'.
  • DL and I had a recent conversation about the crack in his phone screen and how he was awaiting an upgrade.
  • I have had recent dreams - Dream 390 and Dream 391 about cannabis. DL and I also discussed cannabis the day before this dream. 

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
When I first awoke, this dream seemed very significant - specifically the scenes involving the moons. I also had some difficulty in remembering the name 'Pluto' when thinking of the last identified (dwarf) planet in our solar system. This dream did feel quite positive and I was happy to have experienced it.

* I have forgotten some of this dream (I think perhaps the final scenes, because I was awoken while in the dream, by a sudden noise in my house). If I recall any more of this dream later, I will record it below.

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