Sunday, 22 March 2015

Dream 389

'Giving Birth & Having a Three-way'
Dream date: 19/20 March 2015
The morning after this dream there was to be a solar eclipse (marking the 'Spring/Vernal Equinox' of 20 March 2015). There was a lot of publicity leading up to this event and I had set an alarm in order to wake up and witness it. 

In the dream I was pregnant and due to give birth soon. I did not look pregnant or feel any different. I was with a group of random dream characters, gathered in an outside location at night. There were trees, but they were silhouettes against the sky, which was filled with stars and other cosmic bodies. The sky was navy blue, but streaked with vivid purple and pink light. We were all looking up at the sky in wonder. This was the solar eclipse. It looked beautiful and awe-inspiring.

I then went to give birth. A male dream character doctor gave me some pain relief pills. The birth was easy and pain-free and I recovered immediately. I did not pick up or take my baby with me - I am not even sure whether it was a boy or girl, or whom the father was. It was simply like going to the dentist's to get a tooth removed - I went into the hospital (nondescript and typical), took some medication, had the baby and left. 

I was then in a little room which looked like an attic room. There were white walls and wooden floorboards on the floor. The ceiling was sloping and on one side of the room (the side where the ceiling sloped down towards), was a stand containing information leaflets - all brown in colour. I was standing looking at the leaflets - but not reading them. I was aware that this room was a university room, but it actually belonged to Madonna. I was aware that I had given birth earlier in the day (so this was the day after the night-time eclipse and the birth had taken place several hours ago, as it was still daylight in this scene). I laid down on the floor. JD (a friend and fellow lucid dreamer) and another female (a dream character - white with shoulder-length brown hair and a small, slim build, wearing a white T-shirt) were also in the room. We were about to have a three-way (threesome). JD was starting to have sex with me. The female dream character was standing behind him, waiting to join in, but fully dressed. JD was kissing my neck. I looked at the wall to my right and saw there were words written on the white paint in black marker pen - from ceiling to floor. I thought: 'That will have to be removed or we will get charged for vandalism'. I did not read the words, but I could see that some of the paint on the wall was yellowish, indicating that someone had already attempted to paint over part of the wall, with a slightly different colour. I wondered what colour paint we would need to buy to paint the wall so that it was all the same colour - white, or yellow-white? JD was still having sex with me - missionary position. The female dream character asked whether she could join in yet, and I said 'No' because I was not interested in a three-way. The girl seemed to take offence, and the sexual activity stopped. 

JD and I were then sitting on the sofa in my nan's house and it was night-time. The light was on and the curtains were drawn. I was trying to put items (I am not sure what) into a backpack and I was moaning to JD that I didn't like three-ways because I don't find females sexually attractive. JD was saying he could understand my point of view.

I was then in a commercial kitchen - not one I recall from real-life, although I have previous extensive experience of working in catering. One of my colleagues was a woman (a chef) who I used to work with in The Lobster, Sheringham - and who for a period, lived next-door to me in Pine Grove, Sheringham (I cannot recall her name, but I do remember an incident when her partner - a man with addiction issues - was verbally abusive to me and my friend NN when we were school girls, leading to my stepdad going round to confront him - my mum reminded me of this incident a few months ago). In he dream, I thought I must be working in The Lobster again (I worked there from the ages of 12 - 14 years as a kitchen assistant and waitress, before leaving to work for my mum at The Two Lifeboats Hotel, across the road). The female chef/neighbour said: 'You need to get your baby'. I interpreted this statement as 'You need to let the cat in'. I went to the doorway of the kitchen and opened the door (which led to a concrete yard in the dream). Instead of there being a baby or a cat at the door, there was a small llama. It ran past me into the kitchen, and started galloping around the counters and work surfaces, disturbing the chefs and waiting staff who had to jump out of it's way. 

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • The forthcoming eclipse obviously influenced this dream. I did wake up in time to see it, but - like much of my region of the United Kingdom - it was too cloudy to properly see it.
  • The night before this dream I was discussing childbirth with a friend and I had been saying how I found the idea anxiety-provoking and daunting. My friend had been saying that it is something so natural that you just deal with it as and when it happens.
  • I had been talking to JD the day before this dream.
  • In a comment on a Lucid Dreaming page on Facebook, I had been trying to help another member interpret a dream in which she had been engaged in sexual activity with another female. Some members had indicated that the dream might represent latent bisexual desires or curiosity, and I had disputed this, stating that I often had dreams of sexual activity with other females, but as a woman who has previously experimented sexually with other women, I know I am fully heterosexual and not curious (although I am an LGBT-advocate, so my resistance is purely from personal experience and my own firm sexual orientation, not that I have any issues with same-sex relationships or experimentation). I have never been interested in having a three-way, whether it is with two males or one male and another female.
  • The day before this dream I had read about Madonna in the entertainment media.
  • I live in university accommodation (I get a house with my part-time employment) and had wondered how I should clean some of the discoloured marks from the white walls in my bedroom.
  • I recently debated the definition of 'junkie' with a member on the Lucid Dreaming page on Facebook, and the husband of the female chef character would fit this description.
  • In a post on the Lucid Dreaming page a couple of days before this dream, I had began a silly (non-malicious) argument with a male member. He had produced a screenshot to prove a point to me, and I had noted he had annotated it, using the 'Lobster' font. This is the font I have also used on this Blog!
  • The day before this dream I had watched some cat videos on Youtube.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I woke from this dream feeling confused and slightly disturbed - which is common in circumstances where you dream of sexual activity with a platonic friend. However, I also saw the dream as being positive. The dream was very vivid and I could recall many of the details in minute detail, which is always something which pleases me upon waking. 

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