Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Dream 378

'Disgusting See-saw Hotel'
I was with DT - my boss - and a group of people who were not my actual colleagues, but dream characters who were my colleagues in the dream. DT did not look anything like he does in real-life, but I knew that this dream character was him. We were going to New York. Going to New York involved climbing a staircase to get the the penthouse flat in a hotel. Climbing the stairs was like standing on one side of a see-saw which moved violently up and down depending on how the weight of those standing on it was distributed and shifted. The 'see-saw' was unsteady, going up and down dramatically, which had the effect of us reaching the top floor without actually experiencing the upwards direction. When we reached the top floor we went through a door, into a room which had a floor like astro-turf (fake 'inside' grass). The room was a small square with doors doing off on each side. Because the floor also moved like a see-saw, going up and down as people's weight distributed, I got the impression that the room had no edges, even though I could clearly see the walls. The unsteady sensation was quite scary. 

The door to my left opened and inside the room was a black male and female dream character. I could tell that there were other people inside the room. The male explained to me that they were on a college trip and I said that we were also (because my boss is my senior in an office based at my university - we are involved in student welfare, and all my colleagues, like me, are students enrolled at the university who work part-time). DT had opened the door in front of me (adjacent to the college party's room). He told me to hurry up, because standing around made the room see-saw more and nobody was enjoying it. I left with him, through the door to our 'hotel room'.

Our hotel room was just a massive landscape, which stretched as far as the eye could see. On the floor was rubble/shingle, and some grass. There were small hillocks, which my colleagues were starting to climb. To my left, I saw a massive pile of spilled ashtrays, spilled drinks, discarded chocolate and dirty laundry. I said to DT: 'They didn't clean up after the last guests' (I meant 'the hotel chambermaids' although in the dream I did not specify this). The area of rubbish looked vast - much bigger than I could estimate, since it went off into the distance, in the direction away from that my group was heading. DT started to climb the first hillock. I looked at the ground beneath my feet. In the small grey stones/rubble were many wraps of cellophane - transparent plastic wrapping which were heat sealed at one end. In my mind I thought they looked like they contained small ball-bearings or marbles, but at the same time, I thought they looked like wraps of drugs. I said: 'Look at these' and DT said: 'Don't look at them!' I joined him climbing over the hillock. The sky was a pale grey.

I was then walking down Cromer Road, Sheringham with my mum and some other people, who I cannot recall. We were approaching the Health Centre. A young boy who I did not recognise (he was a dream character) jumped out on us. I instinctively knew his name was 'Chris'. Chris pointed at my face and said: 'Your eyebrows are truff'. I knew that this meant 'too thick and need to be plucked'. Chris then quickly ran down a side street, which I actually know to be York Street, off Unthank Road in Norwich (a road I used to live on when I got my first bedsit living by myself), although in the dream it seemed to be located on Cromer Road at the entrance to the Health Centre car park. He entered a building on the corner of Unthank/York Street, known as 'Unthank Mansions; which is/was always inhabited by a group of hippies/squatters/ravers when I lived in that road. I knew (only in the dream, not real-life) that RBA, a rapper I know, lived in this house (in real-life RBA also used a nickname which includes the word 'Truff').

* I cannot recall the last scene of this dream, but if I remember it, I will record this part below.

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