Saturday, 14 March 2015

Dream 383

'Laundry in the Middle of a Weird Dinner Party'
Dream date: 13/14 March 2015
I was sitting on the floor of a room, but I did not see much, only the floor, which was covered with pale blue bathroom mats, all covered in small amounts of shit. My nan entered the room, wearing slippers, but I could only see her feet/legs.

There was some scene or reference to N the dog, but I cannot recall what happened.

I was then in a hospital ward, looking at some of the patients laying in their beds. The room was bright because sunshine was coming in through the windows. Everything in the room was clean and bright. There were two in particular - a middle-aged male dream character with a severe skin condition all over his face, and a middle-aged female dream character with a severe skin condition all over her scalp and neck. The skin conditions were bright red, peeling and scabby - like severe dermatitis, eczema - or perhaps burns. A second female entered the room - she was a mature white woman, with a very petite build, and highly glamorous. She was a composite between Barbara Windsor, Joan Collins and Dolly Parton. Although, she did not seem to be a doctor or a nurse, she knew how to cure the skin conditions of the patients. She rubbed some sliced limes on the skin of the male patient and some sliced apple on the skin of the female patient, and they were miraculously cured of their diseases. 

I was then in a dark room with my mum and my nan, looking at huge piles of clothing. I could see a pair of trousers which were white, with large panels cut out from the sides of the legs - I then saw what they would look like when worn. I had no idea what we were going to do with the huge piles of clothing. 

I found myself in another domestic environment, which appeared to be a larger version of my former home in Pine Grove, Sheringham. I was with a male, who I thought was PS (my ex-boyfriend), but seemed to be a composite of PS, EB and Henry Bowers, from Stephen King's IT - novel (1986) & movie (1990). We went into the box-room bedroom at the front of the house, although in the dream, this room was bigger as a bed could fit width-ways across the room. PS laid down on the bed. He had some strange black tattoos - one which was a 'handwritten' one in a messy script across his neck. I saw it in close-up detail, but could not read what it said. We were aware that we were in some kind of danger from a gang, but the precise details of why was not clear - I think it involved drugs or a debt. PS laid down on the bed. He said that there was a group of bikers (Hells Angels), including three particularly violent members, downstairs, who would protect us, because they were friends of his family and bodyguards for him. I felt more safe and secure knowing this.

I then found myself at a dinner party, hosted by the glamorous older woman who had healed the skin conditions. We were in a dining-room which had a wooden counter along one side, on which drinks - mainly bottled alco-pops were displayed. The rest of the room was filled with dark brown, polished wooden tables at which the guests were seated, Everyone seemed to be drinking alco-pops and I noted that there were no placemats or tablecloths to protect the varnished wood of the table. I was sitting with my back to the wall, at the end of one table, furthest away from the door. The glamorous female dream character entered and started to serve the guests with food. Everyone seemed to be given a different dish. The person opposite me (not recognised - just a dream character) had something which looked more appetising than what I was given, which seemed to be a dish of many beige and brown elements, mostly square in shape. I had less food on my plate than this guest. As I looked around the dining-room I thought that the decor made it look 'unclassy' and slightly dated - almost 1980s in style. I then realised I was seated next to my nan. She said that we had to go and do some laundry and would return afterwards and then eat. I thought that if we went to do laundry now, not only would our food be cold and inedible on our return, but the dinner party might be over. I think I articulated this thought, because my nan said that would not be true. We left, and went outside. It was a hot sunny day and we were in a suburban or countryside location which I do not recognise. I am not sure that I even recognised it within the dream. We walked to a bus stop and soon the bus came. We boarded. We ended up back in the dark room which was filled with clothes, and I saw the white trousers, with the panels cut out from the sides of the legs, once again. I put these trousers on and found that they fit me. 

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • The day before this dream I had seen the Facebook profile of a user named 'Henry Bowers' who used the photograph of the actor playing Henry Bowers in Stephen King's IT. The novel by King is one my favourite books, and I first read it as a child (I always had mature reading tastes and a love of horror - I think I was about 12 years old when I found my mum's copy and started to read it). I haven't re-read the novel again in many years (my cousin borrowed my own copy and never returned it), and recently decided to listen to the novel in audiobook form, since it is an epic (over 1,000 pages) and I had not been able to find a cheap copy in a second-hand book store or my university library. I finished listening to the audiobook version (on Youtube) last week.
  • I was drinking limeade shortly before I fell asleep and had this dream.
  • PS had text me the day before this dream and we had discussed N the dog and an injury he had suffered to one of his legs (a muscular injury), which had caused me to worry about him.
  • The day before this dream, I had made a lentil and vegetable bake (from a mix sold in the 'vegan section' of my local shop), which looked beige and square - and had not been appetising.
  • I have outstanding laundry which needs to be done.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I am going to start recording my feelings upon waking, if they seem to be influenced by my dreams. 

This dream left me feeling very empty and melancholy when I woke up, although I am not sure why. I had a sense that this was a significant dream because of it's length and complexity. The scene which seemed to create the greatest impression - and was the one on which my mind was most focused on after getting out of bed, was the dinner party. I kept seeing the image of the alco-pops on the table in my mind's eye, and recalling the notion that the decor was outdated and 'unclassy'. Also, the memory of the walk to the bus-stop seemed to linger in my waking mind.

* There were more parts to this dream which I cannot recall, as when I was laying in bed thinking about the dream before writing it down, I found that the dream memory was so long that in remembering the most vivid scenes and events (those recorded here), I forgot the less memorable aspects. It was as if the act of remembering (what seemed to the the most important parts) allowed the more vague or hazy scenes to be forgotten, or that there was simply too much material/content for my brain to process in a short space of time. If I do remember further parts of this dream, I will record them below.

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