Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Dream 381

'Bad Tattoos'
I was in a well-lit domestic room which had a table in it. My uncle, GC, was with me - my mum was somewhere in the same house, but not participating in this scene. My uncle tattooed my left wrist with two large tattoos. One was of a pair of men's (cowboy's?) trousers - without a body or feet; the other was a desert island with a palm tree. When I looked at the tattoos (the trousers were on the inside of my wrist, the desert island on the outside), my wrist looked extra-large to accommodate the large tattoos, which were simply a black outline, filled in white (so, lighter than my actual skin tone). I thought the palm tree did not look like a palm tree and the trousers were random and unattractive. I instantly regretted the tattoos. 

My mum was carrying a plate with a roast dinner on it. She said she was taking it to my stepdad, who was ill in bed and would not be joining us downstairs.

There was a disconnected scene where someone (an unseen, or forgotten) male dream character was leaving, making everyone sad. I cannot recall anyone else who was present in this dream scene - I seemed to be concerned with myself only and was not speaking, just thinking. I was looking at perfect rows of silver-blue square objects laid out in front of me which represented the departure of the male dream character in some way.

I was then in my nan's 'front room' in her house in Sheringham. My uncle had left an electric guitar in there. It was black and the neck was like a snake - long and slithery and difficult to control. I picked up the guitar and started playing very simple rock melodies. I saw HP - a girl who I went to school with, who I wasn't particularly close to (she was one of those people I knew and neither liked a lot nor disliked). She was sitting on the sofa. It seemed normal to me that she was there. She said to me: 'I've heard those songs before'.

My family (mum, nan, stepdad, cousin HM) all went to a diner - it was an 'all you can eat' and everything was decorated in shiny red. We were seated at a large table in the corner, and I was closest to the wall. The decor looked to be 1950s-style and very kitsch. The only food served was tomato sauce. 

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