Monday, 23 March 2015

Dream 392

'Zoe Ball's Keyboard Vandalism'
Dream date: 22 March 2015
I was in Zoe Ball's family home - she lived with her parents (unseen in the dream). The house was very nicely decorated, in a classy, but typically domestic way. Zoe was wearing white trousers and a yellow top. We went through to a home music recording studio (in real-life Zoe's husband Normal Cook aka 'Fat Boy Slim' is a DJ and musician, but this recording studio belonged to her parents). There was a lot of expensive sound/audio equipment in the home recording studio, including a large electric keyboard.

I didn't see it happen, but somehow, Zoe vandalised the recording studio. I saw the trashed keyboard, laying broken on the floor of the room, which was now darker than it had been before. Zoe laid on the floor next to the broken keyboard. Suddenly, we were joined by a white male dream character. He had mid-brown hair and a red-flushed bulbous face. He lifted his arms up, and I saw they were very tiny - they didn't come above his head. Zoe started to dress him in some dark clothes, now kneeling on the floor beside the deformed man - he was short - only about 5 feet tall. The deformed man said to me: 'The deformed arms belong to the woman who was here before me'. I wondered what he meant, because there had been no woman there before him, only Zoe and I. I was worried Zoe would be in trouble for the broken keyboard and trashed home studio when her parents came home and found out. 

Zoe and I were then buying tickets to the Boom Bap festival - a UK Hip Hop festival held annually in the summer. 

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • The night of this dream I had been looking for a picture of a 'ball in a glass' (unsuccessfully) to illustrate Dream 391.
  • The night of this dream I had been engaged in a very long debate which took place amongst various members/fans of the UK Hip Hop industry, sparked by a racially-ignorant 'white pride' track which had been made by a rapper. A random female had entered the conversation halfway through (this being assumed to be a fake profile of the White Pride rapper) - she called us 'keyboard warriors'.
  • I had been thinking of attending the Boom Bap 2015 festival.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This dream made me even more keen to attend this year's Boom Bap festival.

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