Monday, 2 March 2015

Dream 376

'Cute Kittens!'
I was in a lounge, which was well-lighted and I knew it was evening. I was sitting on the floor, facing a brown fabric-covered sofa. Crawling all over the floor were the cutest kittens - all different colours. I kept picking them up to pet and stroke them and they were adorable. The mother cat (black and white) was also there, and someone (an unseen dream character) tried to hand me the adult cat, but I preferred to pla with the kittens. This dream scene felt like it continued for quite a while and it was really enjoyable. 

I was then with my mum in a location which seemed like an airport departure lounge. We were sitting on some communal seating, looking at a large book. My nan approached and asked what we were looking at. I said: 'It's a book about Andy Warhol's commercial art'. We were then looking at a large conveyor belt on which many different items - all made of dark fabric - were moving along. The conveyor belt stopped and we saw a particular item which was made of navy blue towelling material with a yellow emblem embroidered on it. My mum said: 'It's a masturbation machine'.

* I know I have forgotten some parts of this dream because in my recollection, it was a very long and complex dream. If I do remember the missing elements/scenes/events, I will record them below...

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