Monday, 2 March 2015

Dream 377

'Dressing Up a Child for an Event'
I was with my mum and two small children - female dream characters aged between 4 - 6 years approximately. We had to dress the children for some kind of social event they were to attend. I had been allocated one of the children. I think I dressed the child. I then realised that I was wearing some outfit which had been chosen for me by someone else (unseen, this part of the dream not experienced). I was wearing a white headband and lots of makeup, which I wanted to remove. My mum, the female children and I went somewhere (I am not sure where), but it was night and it was a residential area. I think we were attending a party or some other social function, but I cannot recall this part of the dream clearly. I then went home to my house in Norwich, by myself. I found myself in my bathroom, and used the sink (basin) to wash the makeup off my face. It was now daylight. I looked at the shelf at the back of the toilet cistern, on which my housemate and I keep some cleaning products/toiletries. I could see a black headband folded up there, and thought that it belonged to me, unless my housemate owned a similar one. 

* I am aware that I have forgotten some parts of this dream. If I recall them, I will record them below. When experiencing this dream, and immediately after waking I was aware that the dream was more interesting and complex than what it seems now that I am writing this Dream Diary entry. I did not manage to write notes in my notebook when I first woke up, so the memories faded over the course of the day.

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