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'Another Ewan McGregor Wet Dream (My Favourite Dream Fantasy)'
Date: 3 January 2017
Time: 23:00 - 07:30 (I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: 2 x WILD (Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream)/Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall

This dream is part of my Dream Incubation Experiment - where I ask my subconscious mind: WHAT DOES MY HEART DESIRE? You can read the introductory post (and watch the accompanying Youtube video by clicking HERE - opens in new window)

This is how I achieved the WILD (Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream). I went to bed physically and mentally exhausted after a long busy day. I was not sleep deprived from the night before. A few hours before bed I ate some toast and some vegetables and gravy, but no vitamins or supplements. I did some physical exercise before bed. 

My room was completely dark, with no light/sound distractions. I laid in my bed, on my back and relaxed all my muscles, letting them feel loose. My arms were by my side and my legs were slightly apart, so none of my limbs were touching my body. I used deep, circular 'yoga' breathing (inhale through the nose/exhale through the mouth), keeping the rhythm regular and slow. To achieve the mind awake/body asleep paradox, I tried not to think about my body or be aware of it, remaining completely still. I began to meditate to keep my mind awake, using Paul Tholey's combined techniques of Intention and Auto-suggestion to focus my mind on the notion of having a successful lucid dream. 

I began to feel sleep paralysis set in - my body was rocking very slightly and falling backwards (it felt like I was on a boat gliding over gentle waves). My body began to 'vibrate' or buzz. Strangely (for me) I experienced a small amount of visual hypnagogia during the onset of sleep paralysis, which I estimate began after about 5 minutes or so of my relaxation and meditation - very quickly, which was a surprise to me as I often have to wait for +10 minutes or so. The hypnagogia was in the form of floating white faces - like skulls, but quite indistinct. As soon as I felt the 'roll over signal' (step 3 of the 'Stop, Drop & Roll Technique', which is used for WILD) become unbearable (the desire to roll over into a comfortable position and sleep), I turned onto my left side and fell asleep, immediately entering the first lucid dream.

I was immediately transitioned into a lucid dream, with no lapse in consciousness - it seemed that as soon as I rolled over and fell asleep that I was outside my house, on the field next to the lake. It was dark and the grass was wet. As there had been no lapse in consciousness, I did not need to perform a reality check - it was obvious that this was a lucid dream.

I was outside - and like the last WILD lucid dream (see: Dream 744: 'Obi-Wan Kenobi's (i.e. Ewan McGregor's) Glorious Lightsaber' - WILD Lucid Sex Dream) it was night and had been raining. I was walking down a dark path, trying to find some sign of life, as it appeared that I was alone. The path I was walking on was a dirt path - I could see the gravel and mud. On either side of me were trees/bushes. There were no buildings as far as I could see. 

On my right side, I could see that the path was on a hill and I was looking downwards at what appeared to be a park. There were some wooden benches and other items symbolising a public space and I could see a number of - not yet recognised - dream characters in this area. One was a white male sitting on one of the benches, by himself. I decided to call out 'Ewan!' to hopefully make this character become Ewan McGregor. This dream character male did not respond, but I kept shouting 'EWAN!' hopeful that I could make him appear in my lucid dream. All the time, I was walking down the hill towards the little park area. I then saw that it was surrounded by a hedge that I had to climb over to enter, as there was no 'gap' or other form of entrance. As I kept shouting 'EWAN!' and getting no response, I was about to try and transition into a different dream scene location as I was losing hope that I could have an interesting lucid dream in this environment. However, at that moment, I saw Ewan McGregor running towards me. He was wearing a white T-shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms (one of my favourite clothing items on a man!) and his hair was wet from the rain. He seemed slightly annoyed that I had not seen him sooner, as it seemed that he had also been looking for me in this area. He grabbed me and pulled me over the hedge, lifting me up, so that my legs were wrapped around his waist. He was very strong. He sat me on top of a bin (trash can) and kissed me deeply on the lips, with tongues. I began to feel very sexually aroused at this point - my clitoris was stimulated. I began to feel too excited, and because I had not stabilised my lucid dream, it began to fade away. I am not sure if my eyes were open or closed when I was kissing Ewan, but I felt my body began to lose feeling and I thought I was waking up.

I did not wake up - I entered a normal, non-lucid dream, with no memory of the fact I had just experienced a lucid dream. The normal, non-lucid dream felt like reality. 

Scene 2: A Bedroom, Location Unknown - Night
I was then in a large bedroom with Ewan McGregor and another male dream character. It did not feel as if Ewan and I had ever been intimate and in this normal, non-lucid dream he was my friend, but did not seem particularly happy with me. I think it was because I was distracting him and the other male dream character (I cannot recall who it was - but I think it was someone known to me in waking reality) from getting to sleep. I was sleeping in a large double bed against the wall and the male dream character and Ewan were sleeping on the floor, with pillows and sleeping bags. Ewan was sleeping at the foot of my bed. 

The male dream character left the room to go and get a drink of water. The door was to my right side. Ewan was sat up on the floor. I started talking to him, and decided that we should have sex while the other male was out of the room. I was trying to convince Ewan to get into the double-bed with me, but he was hesitant, telling me that the other male was coming back into the room soon and would see us. The room was very dark throughout this entire scene. I cannot recall what else happened, but Ewan never got into the bed with me and did not seem willing to become intimate in any way. 

Scene 3: A Public Space/Hall - Time Unknown
I was then in a large public space - it was an interior. Like a large hall or community centre. The ceiling was very high and the area was light - although I could not see any windows or doors. The only thing I could see in this area was a stall, which was set up in the middle of the floor with some items on it - maybe brochures or leaflets (I cannot quite recall). The stall was being run by TV comedians of the 1980s/1990s, Hale and Pace - Gareth Hale and Norman Pace). There was some conversation (unrecalled) between us, while we were standing in front of the stall. I then heard a voice-over/tannoy say: 'The 2016 Best Comedy Act Goes to...Hale and Pace!' This surprised me - even in the dream - as they have not been active on mainstream TV since my early childhood (as far as I am aware). I said (to no-one in particular, it seemed): 'BL (my friend/colleague) looks like Hale' (he does not, other than being a white male with brown hair). One of Hale and Pace (I should add here that I do not know which is which in real life, so in the dream, it was whichever one answered to the name of 'Hale') then became BL - who was running around the hall excitedly in circles.

I left the hall and walked down some steps. These steps were concrete, with railings separating them into 2 sets. They were outside, leading down to an interior space, which reminded me of a train station or some other public transport place, with glass walls/windows, so you could see inside while walking down the stairs. I was with PS, my ex-boyfriend - through the glass windows, we could see his mum, CAS and his younger sister, JGH. CAS was using a payphone and JGH was standing nearby. PS and I were still on the steps when one of the Security Officers from my university, wearing his hi-vis yellow jacket, ran up the other set of steps. He stopped when he came level with us on the way down the other steps, he leant over the railing and told me that a student - CW - needed urgent help from me (in my student welfare role) - something to do with a pair of trainers. 

I continued to walk down the steps with PS - seeing other dream characters along the way. We entered through some automatic glass doors, and approached CAS and JGH. CAS was stressed and after she stopped using the payphone, informed us that her telephone had been disconnected because she had failed to pay her phone bill. She then walked round the corner, out of sight. JGH explained to PS and I that the phone bill had been massive because CAS had made a lot of calls relating to some budgies/canaries which she owned. I looked round the corner, and saw that there was a small sectioned off area, made of stainless steel. CAS was standing in this metal sectioned off area, with a number of budgies/canaries in birdcages. 

I then woke up. I felt extremely tired and almost dizzy - I was aware of slight sleep paralysis as my body felt like it was floating. I decided that I would try to initiate another lucid dream using the WILD Technique, as I felt that I was in the right state for this to be successful.

I found myself in a dark bedroom, in the top bunk of a single bunkbed, with 2 males. I was extremely happy to note that one of them was Ewan McGregor. The other dream character was an Irish male (not known to me in real life - in the dream, he was Ewan's friend). Ewan asked me if I wanted a threeway with him and the Irish guy, and I agreed (as I have never had one in real life, and I thought agreeing might lead to sex with Ewan). I started by giving oral sex (blow job) to the Irish guy first. It did not turn me on. Ewan was sitting up, watching this and masturbating. The Irish guy's penis was short, with no girth and bent at a 45 degree angle and I was not aroused. I stopped before he ejaculated (so I did not finish) and asked him to move, so that I could perform oral sex on Ewan instead. They swapped places and I lost awareness of what the Irish guy was doing - it was like he was no longer there as soon as I turned my attention to Ewan, the object of my desire. Ewan had the largest penis I have ever experienced - it was long and had a massive amount of girth. I could not fit it all in my mouth, no matter how much I tried. I was very turned on and wanted to proceed to full sex with him, as he was super-hard and ready for action. However, I felt the lucid dream begin to fade. In order to try and stabilise the dream so that I could have sex with Ewan, I tried to run my hands on my thighs (this is a common lucid dream stabilising technique I use with great success). However, for some reason, I could not find/feel my thighs no matter how much I tried. It was like my hands were hitting empty duvet and there was no substance to my body. 

I woke up in my bed - fully awake, no sleep paralysis. I felt refreshed and got up.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • A lucid dream (WILD) starting at night, outside in rainy weather
  • PS as a dream character

  • I was at a sleepover with Ewan McGregor
  • I was with Hale and Pace - who had won a contemporary comedy award, despite being out of mainstream popularity for many years
  • I was with PS - and the events of this scene were clear dreamsigns

Day Residue: 
  • A couple of days before this dream I had mentioned to work colleagues how BL reminded me of a particular movie character
  • On the day of this dream a Facebook friend who has the last name 'Hale' interacted with me on one of my statuses
  • For my thesis I have to analyse judicial reasoning in conflicting human rights cases - I am constantly studying the judgments of Baroness Hale
  • On the day of this dream my colleague/flatmate and I were informed of a potential issue regarding a student, who I will refer to as CW

Waking Reactions: 
It was amazing to be able to really use the WILD Technique so successfully again, given how difficult it is to master (described as the 'holy grail' of lucid dream induction techniques). I feel like my confidence and ability is growing on each occasion I am able to practice and experiment. There is not much I can say about how this dream relates to my Dream Incubation Experiment, given that this was largely a lucid dream and therefore, determined by my conscious mind as opposed to being the product of my subconscious. Much of the normal, non-lucid (therefore, subconscious) elements of my dream seem to be influenced heavily by Day Residue rather than 'wishes' or 'desires'.

In respect of the lucid elements of this dream, I am often told that it is a 'waste' of a lucid dream to concentrate on having sex with lucid dream characters, by other lucid dreamers who are part of the online lucid dreaming community. I am not sure why they are of this view - maybe they are not very successful at having lucid dreams, so as they rarely have them, feel that they can be better used for other experiences. However, I don't see my own lucid dreaming in such a limited way. There is always the opportunity to have another lucid dream in future - they are not in short supply. Actually, for me - being celibate, or more to the point, going through a prolonged sexual dry spell - having a sexual experience with a dream character is incredibly fulfilling - more so than mere waking masturbation. I like to have sexual fantasies and lucid dreams are the best way for me to enjoy this aspect of my sexuality. The fact I am returning to the same celebrity dream character (and therefore, repeating the same lucid experience rather than trying to create a new one) is symptomatic of the fact that it was such an intensely, extraordinarily satisfying experience that I want more. To me, safe, sexual fulfilment, intimate time with the Ewan McGregor dream character - someone I will never meet in real life - and an orgasm is never a waste of my lucidity. 

Additionally, it is very helpful for me to use these incredibly exciting, stimulating dreams as a way of practicing my ability to stabilise a dream and remain lucid - often these kinds of intense lucid experiences can cause us to wake prematurely. 

I am extremely happy with my recent lucid experiences!

Here is my Youtube video where I describe my current Dream Incubation Experiment:

Here is a Youtube video I made describing the WILD Technique (and providing a basic tutorial) and also my earlier Ewan McGregor lucid 'wet dream' sex:

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