Friday, 20 January 2017

Dream 760

'Gifts & Phones'
Date: 18 January 2017
Time: 22:30 - 06:00 (I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: Normal dream
Dream recall: Normal recall

This dream is part of my Dream Incubation Experiment - where I ask my subconscious mind: WHAT DOES MY HEART DESIRE? You can read the introductory post (and watch the accompanying Youtube video by clicking HERE - opens in new window)

Scene 1: Sheringham? - Time Unknown
I think this dream took place in Sheringham (or at least in the county of Norfolk), but I cannot say for sure. All the scenes appeared to blend into one.

I was back dating my ex-boyfriend, HL. I lived with my Mum and my Stepdad in a family home, where the dream started. My parents were telling me that I had to look after a mobile phone for them. It was a white phone, which did not appear to be a smartphone, as the screen was very small and was not a touchscreen. They were expecting a phone call from a man who they knew, but I did not. I did know that this man was supposedly 'evil' and did not want to take the call from him, but my parents were adamant that I had to, because they were going on a holiday or trip. I took the phone with me and HL - we left the house.

We were at a train station and HL had some shopping bags - he had been buying me expensive gifts. I was not especially happy. While standing on the train platform, I started to play with the mobile phone my parents had left me in charge of. I was wondering why it was not a smartphone, and seemed to have mistaken it for my own, as I was confused about why it had a traditional keypad rather than a touchscreen. I compared this phone with HL's, which was a white iPhone.

I think there was more action involved in this dream, but I cannot remember it. 

Extra Information: None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 
  • None of note

  • The situation with the mobile phone
  • I was living at home with my parents in a different house
  • I was dating HL again

Day Residue
  • On the day of this dream my colleagues and I had been discussing anonymous phone calls made to our work phone during on-call duty shifts
  • I had been receiving a lot of sexual harassment and abuse from random men who had been unintentionally added to my Facebook friends list by a glitch
  • On the day of this dream I had been discussing previous relationships with SC

Waking Reactions: 
I am not sure if this dream was related to my Dream Incubation Experiment - it seems to be more influenced by Day Residue, at least in part. I am certain that I do not want to get back with any of my ex-boyfriends, and certainly not HL who I dated many years ago.

I think I have forgotten a large amount of detail about this dream, as I am certain that it was longer with a more complex narrative plotline. If I recall anything further, I will record it below.

Here is my Youtube video where I describe my current Dream Incubation Experiment:

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