Monday, 9 January 2017

Dream 753

'Holidaying with Boys'
Date: 8 January 2017
Time: 06:45 - 11:00 (I woke up from this dream due to an alarm)
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall

This dream is part of my Dream Incubation Experiment - where I ask my subconscious mind: WHAT DOES MY HEART DESIRE? You can read the introductory post (and watch the accompanying Youtube video by clicking HERE - opens in new window)

Scene 1: A Holiday Resort, Location Unknown - Day
I was on a holiday in a sunny resort with 2 male friends, both of whom I know in real life and online (one from my local area and one known through shared interests and mutual friends). Both males have the same first name, and I will refer to them as TB (whose family is from my local area) and TC (known through mutual friends). The resort was very nice and there was some action involving us exploring and walking around. I realised that TB and TC both wanted to have threeway sex with me, and I was not against the idea happening. I left them temporarily and when I returned, they had been joined by a group of blonde females in an area which resembled a sailing boat, but which was in fact just a seating area outside in the resort. I felt jealous, as these female dream characters (wearing bikinis) were taking the attention away from me. I noticed that TC was dressed as a drag queen and I thought this was funny, because he hadn't done his makeup well, was wearing old-fashioned clothes and had a very bad wig. 

I then went into the bar which was in the resort - it looked like a traditional British pub and resembled (to an extent) The Crown, Sheringham. I was required to work for a while as a waitress, so I was walking around and serving drinks (mainly Cokes) and sandwiches - to the customers who were seated in this large area, which was separated into 2 dimly-lit lounges. While I was behind the bar, I realised that my Mum was also working here. I was soon bored of serving customers and I wondered if I could leave the job and return to TB and TC who were still outside. 

I saw one particular male dream character seated on a sofa, with other dream characters sitting nearby. At first I thought he was a friend and former colleague, CMC, who is Irish. I spoke to this dream character and as he turned his head towards me, I saw he was not CMC - he just had similar dark hair and a full beard. He was however, also Irish. He said: 'I know you!' and I wasn't quite sure how we did know each other, although in the dream he appeared to be quite familiar to me. He said: 'We met at football'. It felt like I was 'guessing' when I replied: 'Hibs?' and he said: 'Yes, Hibernian' - clarifying this was in fact how we knew each other.

I was - at some point in the dream - beside a bed, on which my laptop was placed. I tried to lift up my laptop and it made a weird noise. I then saw that the screen was falling off from the keyboard, which really worried me, as all of my academic work was stored there. A friend (from Facebook, but also someone I have met in real life), TT - his last name is the same as TB and TC's first name - was present. I wondered if my friend (a computer specialist), DC could fix it for me. 

I was then sat at a table in the bar. I had a bowl full of cubes of butternut squash in front of me. In the dream, the butternut squash was cannabis. A number of male dream characters (3 - 4) joined me at the table. I did not know them - they were other guests at the holiday resort. They said they would 'look after' the 'cannabis' for me, but I knew they would just steal/smoke it themselves. I said I had to go and find R3A, who I had just realised was also at the resort. I was also wondering if I could leave TB and TC alone for a while so I could spend time with R3A. The dream characters told me to leave the 'cannabis' with them for safekeeping. I stood up, ready to walk away and said: 'No, I'm taking it so I can swap it for a smaller amount of better quality cannabis'. This was an excuse to get away from them. 

I walked around the corner and saw R3A was sitting with a number of dream character guests at a small, round table in another part of the bar. We were pleased to see each other and we had some conversation, but I cannot recall much about this aspect of the dream, as it was right before I woke up.

Extra Information: 
  • I took 100mg of Vitamin B6 several hours before I went to bed

Recurrent Dream Themes: 
  • Threeway sex
  • An Irish dream character
  • My Mum as a dream character
  • R3A as a dream character

  • I was on holiday with TB and TC and anticipating threeway sex with them
  • I had met a random dream character at a (part) Hibernian FC match, despite me not being a football fan or likely to go to a match
  • Butternut squash was cannabis

Day Residue
  • On the day of this dream I had been harassed by an older man on my Facebook, who is an avid Hibernian supporter (he is Scottish). In Trainspotting (novel by Irvine Welsh, 1993; movie starring Ewan McGregor, 1996), the main character, Mark Renton (McGregor) is a Hibs supporter
  • On the day of this dream I had seen my friend DC write online comments about breaking a couple of his previous laptops
  • On the day of this dream I had watched an episode of one of Nigella Lawson's cookery shows - where she made a dish using butternut squash
  • R3A phoned me on the day of this dream and we had a conversation

Waking Reactions: 
I am not sure if this dream was related to my Dream Incubation Experiment, but it was a very enjoyable dream. It was so nice to be at the sunny holiday resort and I was enjoying the company of TB and TC - and then R3A. 

Here is my Youtube video where I describe my current Dream Incubation Experiment:

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