Saturday, 9 December 2017

Dream 877

'Buying Puppies'
Date: October 2017
Time: Unknown
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall 

Scene 1: A Train - Day
I was on a train journey with my Mum. I was aware that we had travelled from our home county of Norfolk, and I was not sure of the destination at first. It was late afternoon and the train was full of other passengers. I was - or became - aware that my Mum and I were going to buy a puppy. 

We forgot to get off the train at out destination - which I think was King's Lynn/Peterborough - or at least a very short train journey from our starting point. I was wondering what we would do as we did not have the correct train tickets to travel any further. My Mum did not seem to care. A male ticket inspector came round and my Mum explained that we had forgotten to get off the train at out stop. Instead of making us pay for the mistake and buy new tickets, the inspector told us that we could get off at the next stop, which was - I think - Manchester. My Mum then told me that we were not going to buy just one puppy, but a whole litter. This made me feel excited. We did not get off the train at Manchester. My Mum said that we were going to stay on the train until we reached either Newcastle or Hull (the previous and current cities where my aunt CJ lived/lives). I was confused as to how we would get back home, but my Mum did not seem concerned. It was getting very late at night. My Mum said that we would get a hotel room and travel home the next day. 

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