Saturday, 9 December 2017

Dream 878

'Sideman Drama'
Date: October 2017
Time: Unknown
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall 

Scene 1: Sheringham, Norfolk - Day
I was in Sheringham and I had a new boyfriend - I think his name was 'Ezra'. He was average height and skinny with black curly hair. I think he was white or mixed-race, but I cannot recall. He was dressed in casual clothing and was in his 20s or early 30s. I am not sure how I met Ezra, but I think he had moved to my local area. My Mum and Nan were in an early part of the dream scene. Everyone seemed to like Ezra and I felt quite happy to be dating him. I recall that we were outside - in Sheringham High Street - and that it was quite busy (like a Saturday) and the weather was sunny, or at least, fair. At one point I was walking behind Ezra as we were passing The Robin Hood Pub. He stopped and turned round and reached for my hand. At this point I wished I was with another man (someone in real life) instead. 

I cannot recall all actions or conversations in this dream. I just recall that generally I was expressing wishing that I was with another man instead of Ezra and everyone thought that I was wrong and that I should be happy with my new boyfriend. Ezra was also upset about my feelings, so everyone's reactions seemed normal int he circumstances of the dream. 

I then found myself on Common Lane/Woodland Rise in Sheringham at night. This is the road which leads to my Nan's house and the precise spot I was standing in is one which has featured in many of my previous dreams. This was on the corner of what we call 'the woods path' which runs parallel to the residential side of the road. I may have been alone, but I think that there may have been other dream characters present. I was looking up at the sky which was filled with stars. I saw a shooting star - it was much bigger than a normal shooting star - it looked to be the size of a tennis ball and was extremely bright. I 'wished' that the other man was in love with me. In the dream seeing the shooting star and the 'wish' was a sign that I was meant to follow the other man instead of Ezra and I felt more free.

This dream seemed significant at the time, as when I woke up my thoughts were that I would rather have a casual thing with someone rather than a boyfriend and my conscious brain seemed to agree with how the dream version of me felt/acted in the dream. 

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