Monday, 25 December 2017

Dream 891

'Headphones Give You Blue Feet'
Date: 23 December 2017
Time: 06:30 - 11:30
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall 

Scene 1: An Interior - Day
I cannot recall the start of the dream, but I was in a domestic interior with my Nan and some other (unidentified) dream characters. We were all sitting down in a room which I perceived to be a lounge of some sort, although at one point, while I was still seated, I felt like I was sitting in a bus shelter, although I was actually still in the house. There was some conversation which I do no quite recall, but at the end, I must have indicated that I was going to listen to something through headphones. My Nan said to me: 'Headphones make your feet turn blue' or 'Headphones give you blue feet'. I think it may have been the latter phrase, as I am certain I heard the words 'blue feet'. She didn't want me to use headphones because of the danger of feet turning blue. I told her that this was not true and that she was lying to me. My Nan had 'evidence' that it was true, she said she had read it somewhere. I still did not believe her. I asked her if she had read it in the Daily Mail - a right-wing British newspaper known for scaremongering about health concerns. I then proceeded to look up the phenomenon of headphones causing blue feet on the internet - using either a mobile phone or a tablet. I accused my Nan of lying to me.

Then, I saw that there were 2 kittens on the floor - one grey and one beige. One of the dream characters sitting in an armchair in the room said something to me, which I cannot recall. I bent down to stroke the kittens. The beige one was female and friendly, but the grey one, which was male was quite vicious and tried to claw my hand. I was scared of the grey kitten - or at least I did not want to go near it in case it attacked me. Both kittens were laying on their backs on the carpet. 

My Nan went through a doorway into another room. I followed her. This was a large open-plan kitchen with a island counter in the middle of it, and appliances along the walls, with one wall being a large window, through which I could see it was daylight outside. The kitchen felt like it was in some kind of hotel or holiday apartment - or that it was a commercial kitchen of some kind. I cannot explain this feeling. My Nan pointed to the floor and I could see thousands of tiny mice - they were longer and thinner than usual and about the size of a piece of penne pasta. They looked somewhat cylindrical. These mice were swarming all over the white tiled floor. I was scared and disgusted, so I rushed back into the previous room to fetch the kittens so that they could catch the mice. The kittens were sitting on a sofa, hugging one another - they were now young adults - male and female, both white and dressed casually in normal clothes. I cannot recall what the female looked like, but the male had some light brown stubble and was wearing a baseball cap and a gold chain round his neck. I still perceived these people to be the 'kittens' from before and did not find it at all odd that they were now human. I asked them to come and kill the mice and the male kitten said that he would do so. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream. 

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • Buses
  • The colour blue


  • I felt like I was in a bus shelter while in the domestic interior
  • The appearance of the mice
  • The fact kittens became human

Day Residue: 
  • I  have recently been fascinated by Alan Resnick's This House Has People In It (2016). See Dream 890 - 'Groomed by a Bus Driver' from 22/12/2017 which was a dream influenced by Day Residue relating to This House Has People In It. In that post, I embed the original TV short and also a video compilation of all materials (from the website) in chronological order. In This House Has People In It, blue is prominent, being the shade of Boomy the Cat. In This House Has People In It, Boomy the Cat appears in the video surveillance footage - it is not clear who is in the costume. I strongly believe that the idea of kittens turning into adult humans and the emphasis on the colour blue was influenced by This House Has People In It. The father character, Tom also uses a tablet (or large smart phone) at several points in the footage. Significantly, the main theme of This House Has People In It is paranoia about a mystery (fake) disease, called 'Lynks Disease' which has a number of unusual symptoms. In the additional material for This House Has People In It, you see images of a newspaper dedicated to Lynks Disease. This might account for me dreaming of a mundane activity being falsely thought to cause a strange physical affliction and my Nan - who is susceptible to scaremongering - believing something she has read in an unreliable new source
  • The day before this dream I saw a news article and video of a kitten born with 2 faces
  • The day before this dream, I saw someone post an image of a disgusting dish someone had brought to a family party - it was cream cheese with shrimps in cocktail sauce on top. The mice in the dream reminded me somewhat of shrimps
  • Before I went to bed and had this dream I covered my feet in loads of thick vaseline and then put socks on top so that I could soften the skin on my feet - therefore the subject of feet had clearly been on my mind shortly prior to this dream

Waking Reactions: 
Although this dream seems somewhat benign (it most certainly was not a nightmare) it left me feeling really weird when I woke up from it - I felt a little uneasy for reasons I cannot articulate.

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