Thursday, 2 January 2020

Dream 1051

'Habsburg-Jawed Rockstar Snitches'
Date: 26 December 2019
Sleep times: 03:30 - 09:00 hours
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: A small room with a stage
Time: Unknown
I was in a small room which was brightly lit and looked like a community centre or music room in some kind of learning establishment (my university campus?). There were some chairs and a small wooden stage to my left. The door to the room was behind me. The floor was shiny linoleum or the kind of floor you might see in a school canteen or gym. On the stage there was an amateur rock band performing. They were middle-of-the-road indie rock - not heavy metal or punk. I cannot remember anything about the music other than it was just normal guitar band music and there were perhaps 4 band members. The lead singer was a real life colleague of mine from university, named EJG. She had a huge jaw/chin which looked deformed. Her hair was voluminous and she was wearing sunglasses and also playing a guitar. I cannot recall anything else about her appearance. The audience were our other colleagues. I wondered why we were bothering to watch EJG and her band, given my (real life) awareness that she is a back-stabber.
  • EJG and 2 other colleagues (one of whom I live with) decided to gossip about me which led to false allegations implicating me - this could have had serious consequences, but the issue was resolved in my favour. Due to the disloyal and underhand approach of these girls, many of our colleagues think badly of them.
  • I had been reading a listicle (list article) about deformities and obscure medical anomalies caused by incest/inbreeding throughout royal history - one of the most significant examples appearing a number of times on the list were members of the House of Habsburg, many of which had severely deformed jaws and chins - known as the 'Habsburg Jaw'.

I then saw my supervisor AWW walk past me. She was a composite of herself and my Mum's friend, CC. She looked at me disapprovingly and I wondered why this was as I had done nothing wrong. 
  • CC has appeared in a number of my recent dreams - each time giving me 'bad looks'. I am returning to Sheringham on 28 December 2019 - CC is someone I associate with Sheringham. 

Charles II of Spain (1661 - 1700) - The 'Habsburg Jaw'

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