Thursday, 9 January 2020

Dream 1060

'Blazing with Screws'
Date: 7 January 2020
Sleep times: 15:00 - 16:30 (afternoon nap)
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: A domestic interior - my family home 
Time: Unknown
I was in a house which was unfamiliar to me, but in the dream was my family home. My Mum was present somewhere in the background. I was in a kitchen/dining area - I was sitting at what seemed to be a counter or breakfast fair, on a tall stool. I was sitting in front of my personal laptop (at the end of the counter). To my right, my work laptop was set up. The counter was L-shaped and on the adjacent side of the counter was a large gaming PC. I was using my personal laptop to play Sims 3. I am on the Create-a-Sim screen, looking at my female Sim character - this was a basic Sim, white with mid-brown hair and an average build. I was going to alter her appearance - I think I designed some new outfits for her, but ultimately decided to leave her appearance as it was. I then went onto another screen which appeared to be the Create-a-Sim screen for the Pets expansion (I do not have this expansion pack in real life). The Sim on the screen here was the male Sim I was intending to marry and have children with - it was an NPC Sim. The male Sim was a weird-looking cat, although in my mind he was actually a human sim. I did not like this Sim and thought he was disgusting, but was aware that it was an 'important' or 'significant' Sim so was keen to use it within my Sims game by pairing it up with my female Sim. 

I then decided that I should play the game on my work laptop, which might work better (I did not even consider using the gaming PC). I was then annoyed because I would have to re-download my Origin account and games library onto my work laptop. As I went to do this, for some reason, even though I was aware my personal laptop has a faulty battery and needs to be plugged into the mains (or it will instantly shut down), I unplugged it, which not only caused the personal laptop to shut down, but also my work one and the gaming PC. This meant I had to reboot both laptops, log into Origin and download the games, which was taking ages and was causing me a great deal of frustration. 
  • I had a conversation with AJ about how long it takes to log onto my work laptop. I also had a conversation with him about the fact he had been prevented from re-wiring a prison toaster (in case he electrocuted himself) even though he has completed an electrician course in custody. He had been told that his arm might fall off if he did it wrong. The toaster was then condemned and confiscated.

Scene 2
Location: Sheringham High Street
Time: Day
I was then in Sheringham High Street, although I had the impression of still being sat at the counter on the tall stool. I was looking at an old VHS hire shop which is no longer present (it was there during my childhood and I used to visit often). I was then aware that behind me, entering what was a residential building (although in reality would be the location of shops) was a family - the relatives of the male cat-human Sim. This family were undesirable, nasty and snobbish and I did not want to be associated with them. I knew their name was either the 'Baker-Butchers' or the 'Butcher-Bakers'. It appeared that it was me who was intending to marry into the Baker-Butcher family, rather than my fictional Sim.
  • I have an NPC family named the 'Baker-Bunch' family in my current Sims 3 game.
  • I had been watching Sally4 Ever (2018) - in episode 4, the plot involves the filming of a movie with an autistic baker who falls in love with the neighbouring butcher.

Scene 3
Location: Earlham Park, Norwich
Time: Dusk
It was dusk and I was walking across Earlham Park, which is close to where I live (I sometimes film Wild Vlogs in this location). I was indeed filming a Wild Vlog (Tallulah's Dream Palace) on my phone (as I do on a daily basis in real life). I am smoking cannabis while recording the vlog. 

I am then approached from behind my a middle-aged male dream character. He is thin and white and wearing an old-fashioned or stereotypical prison officer's uniform and has 2 yellow labrador dogs with him. I inform him that I am filming a vlog. He tells me that the dogs are drugs dogs (and responsible for training other drugs dogs). I laugh and tell him that the dogs are ineffective as they have not indicated the presence of drugs on me (the cannabis I was smoking). I wanted to get away from the prison officer, but he is following me and continuing to try and converse with me. He does not seem to care if I am smoking cannabis or not. In fact, I believe it is at this point where he joins me in smoking the cannabis, as later I am aware that this happened while we were on the field. 

Scene 4
Location: The Lobster Pub, Sheringham High Street
Time: Dusk
The prison officer and I then walk through a doorway and end up in the front bar of the Lobster pub in Sheringham. I am walking towards the toilets - which now appears to be a corridor which leads from behind the bar to the area where the toilets are located in real life. The prison officer begins to talk to a male bar server about the fact that I was smoking cannabis. I am certain he smoked the cannabis with me, which I state - and he admits. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
  • I met a friend of my aunt/uncle - a prison officer - at their recent wedding. I come into contact with prison officers regularly, as my boyfriend is in prison. He often winds me up by talking about me smoking cannabis while we are being monitored/recorded on the prison phone line.
  • There was a seafood buffet (with lobster) on Sally4Ever. I had also been discussing the former landlady of the Lobster pub with my parents recently (my first weekend job was working as a waitress at the Lobster).
 Mandalorian Armour
 Create-a-Sim screen for 'Pets' expansion pack - Sims 3
 Google Map of Sheringham High Street
 Traditional prison officer's uniform - as seen in A Clockwork Orange (1971) - my favourite movie of all time
The Lobster Pub, Sheringham


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