Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Dream 1059

'False Rape Allegations & Scalp Piercings'
Date: 6 January 2020
Sleep times: Night (unrecalled)
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: Unknown domestic interior - party
Time: Unknown
I was with my Mum, although I cannot recall the start of this dream in my detail. We were going to a location which was an interior which was predominantly white in colour. It was a domestic location, with a party atmosphere. There were a number of dream characters present, including my Mum's friend MGF ('Marion'). There was a long white table, which was clinical and looked like it belonged in a science lab. Dream characters were lined up on either side. To the left of this table were some armchairs/sofas - my Mum was sitting with Marion on these chairs. I was aware that there were some children present - I do recall that I saw a male dream character (unrecalled) entering the room, pushing a small child in a pushchair. I also recall seeing children sitting beside a pile of wrapped gifts. 
  • I visited Marion's house with my Mum over the Christmas period - her grandchildren were present at the time.

I was with - or met up with - the older brother of an ex-boyfriend, HL. The elder brother, PL is someone still on my Facebook friend list, even though HL and I broke up (many years ago) in bitter, acrimonious circumstances. HL and PL  are of Chinese ethnicity. I was pleased to be with PL at this party/social gathering. I was seated at the table with PL. PL climbed onto the table and leaned over to hug me, which I perceived to be an act of affection. PL had some friends with him and I was aware that his friends did not like me. PL informed me that his friends blamed me for the break-up with HL, believing that I was to blame for hurting him (this is true). 
  • On Christmas Day, PL had commented on my Facebook, including a photo of his Christmas meat after I had made a status about how many awful Christmas meal photos are posted on social media/appear on my timeline. PL - like his brother, HL - is an excellent cook and has run a catering business. 

I asked PL what I could do to make amends with his friends. One of his friends was a short, white young female dream character with black hair in a bobbed haircut. She was wearing an emerald green top. The female dream character informed me that to make friends with her I had to tell her about how I was raped. I did not want to discuss something so private with her, especially as there were children present, and she was using this as a bartering chip. I felt this was inappropriate for her to use my private life as a means of coercing me. She then accused me of making a false rape allegation against HL which had 'ruined his life'.
  • The female friend of PL was visibly similar to the female mushroom farm owner in Dream 1055 - 'War Provisions at the Tanacon Mushroom Farm' (2 January 2020) - in this dream the female dream character was wearing a Moschino T-shirt which I actually own. Coincidentally, HL bought me this T-shirt years ago.
  • Emerald green may relate to a recent dream - Dream 1058 - 'Cream Rubies & National Security Operations' (5 January 2020).
  • While on my recent family trip I saw a news story about a British woman who had been convicted of making false rape allegations while abroad. I had also had a conversation with AJ before this dream in which we joked about him sexually assaulting other prisons in the showers. I had to explain the '#Metoo campaign' to him.

I then have a lapse of memory as to what happened next in the dream, but the next part I recall is that I want to get a long blonde wig fitted over my own hair. This is done for me by an unknown/unrecalled male dream character. I am happy with the blonde wig, until I realise that my scalp is now pierced with a large number of small metal hoops/circular piercings, under my normal hair. PL and others are feeling my head and acting concerned - the pierced scalp is a bad thing and I am aware I need to get the piercings removed. I am feeling very feeling very anxious as I do not want to have scalp piercings for the rest of my life. At this stage I am in a different room with PL and some other dream characters at this stage, and I am saying that I need to get some valium in order to have the piercings removed from my scalp. I have a mental image of this being done by a doctor, using pliers. I am scared of the pain and also the fact that I will be scarred for life. I then think about the issue further and realise the risk of scarring does not matter as it is unlikely I will shave my own hair off, so they will be unseen. I decide I should find some valium in order to be sedated for he visit to the doctor.
  • I had mentioned to my Mum recently that I would like to experiment with a blonde wig, rather than dying my hair. On the family trip I had met the daughter of one of my aunt's friends. She has the same real first name as me and I noticed that she has alopecia, which I discussed with my Mum, also bringing up the fact that I would wear a wig if I suffered from this condition. I am also aware, looking back, that I had been watching Sally4Ever (2018), a programme created by and starring one of my icons, Julia Davis - her character wears a blonde wig in episode 1.
  • I am hypochondriac so often need valium for certain types of physical examination - which I had been discussing with family members recently.
  • My Mum is due to have her hip replaced this month - it will be done under sedation rather than general anaesthetic.

Scene 2
Location: A city street in a seaside town
Time: Dusk
I then step outside onto what appears to be a city street, which I know it beside the sea (I can hear the sea). It is dusk as the sky appears to be darkening. I am approached by 2 drunk men, who non-consensually touch my scalp and begin to laugh at the piercings. They tell me that the wig 'looks amazing' but is ruined by the scalp piercings underneath. I am upset as there is nothing I can do until I get hold of some valium in order to visit the doctor. It begins to rain. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.
  • I had a recent discussion with my Mum about drunk men non-consensually stroking my hair.

Mandalorian Armour
Long blonde wig

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