Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Dream 1058

'Cream Rubies & National Security Operations'
Date: 5 January 2020
Sleep times: Night (unrecalled)
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: My Dream Town - street
Time: Day
I was with AJ and we were in my Dream Town ('Sudsbury'), walking down a typical street I have seen before. This street has tall, urban, commercial buildings on one side, making it look like London or another big city. On the other side (typically my left as experienced within the dream) is a grassy area and some Tudor-style buildings, giving more of a suburban feel, although these Tudor-style buildings are typically public or commercial premises, not residential buildings. 
  • 'Sudsbury' is of my Dream Town (according to a previous dream), and coincidentally, AJ's family live near Sudbury in Suffolk.
  • The day before I had a conversation with my friend GG and he referred to the Tudor period.

AJ and I are looking for a jeweller's shop because he needed to buy a cream-coloured ruby to enter into a 'yoghurt contest/competition' (details unclear). We were walking down the street, unable to find the jewellery shop. I suggested that we use a 'Sat Nav' (I think I meant 'Google Maps' or something more appropriate for a pedestrian. However, we discovered that neither of us had our mobile phones with us. 
  • I had a conversation about Sat Navs with my family recently. I also watched the the episode of Gavin and Stacey where the titular characters get married - in this episode, there is reference to the maps to the reception venue being forgotten, and a Sat Nav saving the situation.
  • I believe the reference to jewellery and gemstones is a connection with my mini/specific Star Wars dream incubation theme of Kyber Crystals.
  • I had bought a yoghurt (a relatively infrequent event) on the day of this dream. I noticed my housemate had a tub of cream in the fridge. 

Suddenly, AJ and I found we were outside a jewellery shop. We entered this shop - it gave me the impression of being old-fashioned, and traditional - I got the impression of it being 'Victorian'. I was dark and there was a lot of dark wood fittings. The till was directly in front of the door, and there were waist-height glass cabinets were jewels were stored. AJ and I walked over to the left side cabinets and looked in. There were gemstones (plum or fist-sized, cut so that they were multi-faceted, in the stereotypical way diamonds are drawn (see below images). They were standing up on the narrow cut end. However, there were no cream coloured rubies. All we could see were traditional rubies (red), emeralds (green) and sapphires (blue). In the dream, money was not an object - it was just essential that AJ got the right gemstone for the competition.
  • While in Hull, my Mum and stepdad and I visited a jewellery shop.
  • I saw some images of diamonds I had posted on my own Tallulah La Ghash Facebook page.

The shop owner then came out. He was a short, quite fat white middle-aged man with black hair and glasses, wearing what I think was a navy pinstriped suit. He reminded me of a mole - and specifically a mole related to the cartoon Danger Mouse.
  • I was aware AJ wanted to get a mobile phone - when he had a smartphone and a Facebook profile, he was using Danger Mouse as a profile picture.
  • The character I was imagining is the sidekick of Danger Mouse - Penfold (I could not recall this during the dream itself, I only became aware there was a character who resembled a mole while writing this Blog post. However, it was noted on the Wikipedia article that Penfold is mistaken for a mole, but is in fact supposed to be a hamster.

The shopkeeper did not seem to want to help us find a cream coloured ruby or make a sale. He was telling us that he had been conscripted for a national security operation. He seemed very proud of this fact and was trying to show off about the operation. I did not want to talk to him about it, or anything else - AJ and I just wanted to buy the correct ruby as quickly as possible. The shopkeeper then told me that his heart grew on the outside of his body. I was anxious in case he tried to show me his heart, because I did not want to see it and thought it might look gross. To distract him I told him that 'the kettle has boiled' and the shopkeeper went out the back into a storeroom or staff room of some kind, leaving AJ and I alone in the shop, still standing near the cabinet of gemstones. 
  • Conscription refers to the current political climate where war (USA and Iran) is anticipated; I'd seen some memes which were suggesting feminists will abandon the fight for gender equality if war breaks out to avoid conscription.
  • National security would refer to the climate of forthcoming war, but also my PhD studies, as I had written this phrase numerous times in my notes on human rights.
  • The reference to heart growing on the outside of the body is from Sally4Ever (2018), a programme created by and starring one of my icons, Julia Davis. In episode 4, Julia Davis' character, Emma, refers to having a second heart.

AJR and I then began whispering - conspiring to commit a robbery on the jeweller's shop while the shopkeeper was away. I was going to help AJ to steal all of the jewels from the glass cabinet. He attempted to lift the lid of the cabinet and found that it was unlocked and lifted up at the top. I thought that the shopkeeper was not an expert on security if this was how he maintained the precious gems in his shop. As soon as the lid of the cabinet was opened, all of the rubies, emeralds and sapphires dissolved into a puddle of liquid. The liquids were the colours corresponding to the gems, and appeared to be like fizzy soft drinks - cherryade, limeade and blue raspberry flavour perhaps? They puddled together and mixed in the bottom of the cabinet and became a murky, brown disgusting colour, that reminded me of plasticine or playdoh when all the colours are mixed up. This in turn made me think of the animated character of 'Morph' from children's art show, Hartbeat (1984 - 1993), hosted by Tony Hart (1925 - 2009).
  • I obviously associate AJ with criminal activity - no matter whether he behaving as a law-abiding citizen or not. I probably have the subconscious realisation that I will always be suspected of criminal activity or collusion due to the fact I am dating a prisoner. AJ always jokes that we are 'Bonnie and Clyde' - when I discussed this dream with him, he made this reference himself.
  • I had been discussing Morph with my Mum and my cousin HM at the recent family wedding. HM mistakenly thought I was the one who had a childhood phobia of Morph, but my Mum and I clarified that I had been a fan of Morph and it was her who had the phobia of him.

 Kyber Crystals - and Lightsabers
 Tudor-style buildings
 Old-fashioned jeweller's shop
The shape of the gemstones
 Ruby, emerald and sapphire
Penfold from Dangermouse
Bonnie and Clyde (d. 1934)
Mixed fizzy liquids
 Mixed plasticine/playdoh colours
Morph from Hartbeat

Dreams taking place in my Dream Town
Note that these may not be all dreams which feature my Dream Town, as I have only managed to find those which were correctly labelled as such, as there may be others which took place prior to me using this labelling system consistently.

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