Thursday, 1 January 2015

Dream 340

'Alien Faces & Peach Cakes'
Dream date: 24 December 2014
This dream occurred when I was experimenting with using Nictotine patches to enhance dreaming. I will be writing up the experiment and what I did (and why it worked) in a separate Blog post.

I started practicing the WILD technique of lucid dream induction and almost as soon as I began to feel sleep paralysis and see the hypnagogic imagery, I rolled over and 'woke up' in a false awakening. I was fully lucid. 

Beside my bed was a huge alien head, which was white/grey and about three times the size of a normal adult human head. It looked similar to the stereotypical representation of a 'Grey'. There was no body, just a head floating at the side of my pillow. I wanted to make the alien head go away, but it did not interact or communicate with me and I kept telling it to leave me alone. I held up my hand and wished for a hammer. A hammer instantly materialised in my hand. I wanted to test the hammer, so I used it on my own leg, hitting it with some force. I felt the pain of the hammer blow, and found that it was a useful and powerful weapon. I tried to hit the alien head with it, but it did not make the alien flinch or move in any way. It just floated there, passive. I then stood up and got out of bed. I could now see the alien head in profile. I set the intent to get some katana swords and found I had them in my hands. I swung the swords at the alien head, but found that again, nothing happened. 

I sat down on the floor and tried to decide what to do to make the alien head disappear or start to interact with me. The lucid dream began to feel shaky and fuzzy as I was sitting on the floor, so I rubbed the carpet and shouted 'More lucidity!' to stabilise it, which seemed to work. I then thought that maybe I was wasting my lucid dream experience and decided to try and use it to meet Marilyn Monroe again. I started calling: 'Marilyn'. I heard her voice say: 'I'm here!' and noticed she was sitting on my bed, facing the wall, with her back to me. She was wearing the white halterneck dress from The Seven Year Itch (1955). Marilyn would not turn round. She was only inches away from the alien head. I touched her back and it felt like solid flesh, but she was motionless. I decided to get into my bed. Marilyn disappeared as soon as I set this intent. I got into my bed and decided I should try to meditate as this has been a regular suggestion made to me by other lucid dream enthusiasts. I laid in my bed and began to meditate. Almost immediately I felt a full body orgasm building. It felt like the most powerful sexual energy, across every part of my body. There was warmth and vibration. I 'opened' my eyes and saw that my body was bathed in beauitful golden light which was falling on me from above and enclosing me like a glittering haze. I could no longer see the alien head. This felt better than anything else I have ever experienced.

I then woke up into a non-lucid dream. I was in a large park-like area. There were massive, perfectly-cut green lawns, broken up with footpaths. In front of me were some wooden benches, in a row. It was a wonderfully sunny summer day and the sky was blue. The benches were about 100 yards away from me. We were in Norwich - a detail I discovered later, and on one bench was Simon Cowell and on a second, positioned next to this, was seated a young black female. Simon Cowell was hosting a cooking competition which was taking place in the park. The contestants had to cook their chosen dish on the bench (which was a normal bench with no cooking equipment). The black female got up from her bench and walked to the bench on the other side of Simon's. She had some cooking ingredients, and began to prepare a dish. Halfway through, she had to go to a storeroom to collect some more ingredients, and she left the bench and ran away across the park. I then knew it was my turn to cook, so I ran over to the bench where she had been working. I had to decide whether to continue cooking with her ingredients or to go to the storeroom to get some fresh ones of my own. I decided to do the latter, and ran across the park. I entered a building and went through to a room which looked like my high school canteen. Set up was a makeshift kitchen, where two girls were baking. These girls were my friends in the dream and seemed very familiar, but I think they were composite dream characters, because I cannot identify them in waking life. They asked me if I wanted to sample their dish for the contest. They had made a peach cake which was layers of puff pastry, filled with whipped cream, cold custard and a poached peach half. The pastry was quite dense and hard, but the cakes were the best I had ever tasted. I told my friends that if they could make the pastry more soft and flaky they would be perfect. I decided to go for a walk through another room, next door, which appeared to be a gym. There were a group of very tall black basketball players, all wearing navy and gold team strips. A sign hanging on the wall said that it was 'Turkish National Day'. I thought this might be an opportunity to sell some of the cakes, so I asked the basketball players if they wanted to try some. I walked back next door, and was told by my friends that they had improved the pastry recipe. We turned on the TV and saw KP, a girl from my high school, wearing a grey tracksuit. She was being interviewed about the cakes on This Morning. She looked as if she had been crying, but she was saying that the cakes were the best she had ever eaten. I said to my friends that Tanya Burr, a popular Youtuber, had said on her Youtube video that she was back in Norwich for Christmas, and they should try and contact her to come and sample the cakes, because if she tweeted or vlogged about them, it would be amazing publicity. 

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