Thursday, 1 January 2015

Dream 341

'Aliens, Rape & Kim Kardashian'
Dream date: 27 December 2014
I decided to use the Nicotine patch again, and had another bizarre night of lucid and non-lucid dreams. Although I had multiple dreams, I have chosen to record them all in one post as they had recurrent narratives and themes and all occurred during one period of sleep, with no recalled periods of conscious wakefulness in between. 

Again, I used the WILD technique, and as soon as I experienced the hypnagogic hallucinations and start of sleep paralysis, seemed to fall asleep.

I had a false awakening, which I could immediately tell, because on my wall was a large black and white grainy image of the Pringles crisp logo, although the character looked more Mexican. I felt something try to get into bed with me, and I was scared. I looked towards the bottom of the bed and there was a long, white figure, bent double at the waist, leaning over my bed. The figure looked to be male, although it was half alien, half human in character, and about 7 foot tall if it had been standing upright. It was naked and very slim. It turned it's head to look at me, and I could see resemblances of familiar human faces (MA, ED2), while at the same time, it was expressionless and blank. I tried to tell it to leave me alone and was shouting and swearing at it in fear. It was trying to pull the duvet off me. I held out my hand and imagined any kind of weapon, but none appeared. The alien moved towards me and put my fingers in it's mouth, starting to suck them. The mouth  felt very small, but also quite human-like, with small teeth and a ridged roof/palate. I warned the alien that I would 'bite it's face off' and it put it's own hand in my mouth, which felt like my mouth was being stretched. I felt disgusted and out of control.

I woke up again, and got out of bed. I was walking towards my bathroom when I realised my housemate, BG was coming up the stairs, also towards the bathroom. Someone else (I think it was a male) was in the bathroom, looking into the bath. I became lucid, realising that in waking reality, I was on my own at home, so no-one should be in my house. Everywhere was dark/dimly lit, as if there was only one light on, in a different room to those I had been in. I went into the bathroom and saw the bath was filled with rice. I started trying to clear the rice out of the bath, while the male stranger watched in silence. I then looked into the toilet. It looked as if someone had left it unflushed after use. I flushed the toilet and saw it was filled with wild flowers. growing out of the sides of the pan. I thought this dream scene was boring, so decided to go back into my bedroom and lay down and hope for a new dream scene.

I was then in my nan's house in Sheringham, still lucid. It was evening and the lights were on. I had some pink plastic in my hand. My mum was standing in the living-room and I told her I could make anything I wanted out of the plastic. I shaped it with my hands, and it became a small pink pistol. There were sirens and flashing blue lights outside. My mum told me the police were coming to investigate possession of a firearm, so I dropped the gun to the floor and kicked it under the sofa. I could see the police car lights shining through the curtains. The police raided the house, but did not find the gun. I felt the lucid dream becoming fuzzy and I flapped my arms and shouted 'More lucidity!' to stabilise it, which worked. I felt grounded in the dream scene.

I then found myself in the exact same dream scene, in my nan's house, still lucid. It may be that the previous dream scene started again. I was holding another gun, this time a silver one. Again, I heard police coming down the road. I quickly ran upstairs and threw the gun into the toilet cistern. A male police officer entered the house and spoke to my mum and nan, but the gun was not found.

I then was in a non-lucid dream scene in a dark room, where I was with PS and Ruthless. There were lots of bean bags on the floor of the room. I was sitting next to Ruthless at a PC which was on a desk running down the wall of the room. I was on my Facebook page and could see that one of my statuses had what seemed to be 614613 likes, but there was an icon on the screen which partially hid the exact number and I could not move it with the mouse. I decided that if I liked my own status, the number would change and I might be able to read it better. I clicked 'like' and saw the number change to 614614. PS was getting dressed up in drag - he had weird gothic makeup on his face and was putting on a flamboyant corset and stockings. He told me he was going to work at 'Exodus' and his job was to go up to people dogging (driving their cars to agreed public meeting points, like beauty spots or car parks and then having sex while strangers watch) and put things in/take things out of their cars without them knowing. I was moaning that I did not want to be left alone, and PS was telling me that he was letting me use his computer while he went out, so I should be grateful.

I was then in a different part of this room, and it was still dark. PS and Ruthless were out, but I was left alone with a strange man. At some points his skin looked black and at other times, it seemed white. He was balanced on a shelf, from which he jumped down. He grabbed me and pulled me a short distance across the room to a bed, where he forced me down and tried to lift up my top (which was a white woollen one). I became lucid and tried to fight him off, aware that he was trying to rape me. I was kicking at him and screaming.

I found myself in the kitchen in my old house in Pine Grove, Sheringham. I was lucid and decided to show my mum (also in the kitchen, as was my stepdad) how to perform a reality check, by pushing my fingers through the palm of the other hand. As much as I tried, it was impossible for me to push my fingers through my palm - all that happened was exactly what I would expect to happen in waking reality - my lucid dream reality check failed! Maybe this was because I was already consciously aware I was dreaming.

I then found myself in a new dream scene and I was no longer lucid. I was at a seaside town with a large number of my family members and DL. My aunt CJ was there, with her partner PH, as well as my mum, nan and stepdad, cousins etc. We went into a pub for a drink and I wandered away from my family. I then decided to go back and find my mum. She was sitting with Kim Kardashian, who looked very different from usual. Her face was rounder and had freckles. Her hair was lighter than usual and she was slimmer and less curvy that she appears normally. Her was wearing a fancy red dress and full makeup. My mum introduced me to her and told me that Kim was starring in an ice skating show being performed on the pier. My mum knew the man who had organised the show. Kim was polite, quite and quite humble. The rest of my family had joined us around the table and we were all asking Kim questions about herself and Kanye West. My stepdad then leaned over and smeared Kim's red lipstick across her face and then wiped mustard on her cheek. Kim excused herself to go and wash her face in the ladies' toilets, and my mum said: 'I think I embarrassed her because I asked her what she knew about Cambridge and she doesn't know anything!' Kim returned and we all talked some more over drinks.

We then moved into a different part of the pub, where we sat in a bay window. The pub looked quite a lot like The Crown, in Sheringham. We were looking out of the window while my mum was telling us about a massive group of West Indian people who had just arrived on holiday, but had not yet found a hotel to stay in. My mum was saying that they should have given 24 hours notice to the hotels so they could secure reservations and now they would have to sleep on the beach. We thought this wouldn't be very good, as it wasn't hot enough (it seemed to be the winter, despite it appearing sunny and hot outside). DL said that he was just going outside to pick up some cannabis. I watched him from the window and he soon returned, with some cannabis and two bottles of vodka. I opened one of the bottles of vodka and started pouring myself drinks, while reminding myself not to get too drunk and out of control. My mum was telling us about a new local pasttime which involved young women dressing up in silky outfits, going down to the seafront at night, getting drunk and withdrawing all their money from ATM machines. I saw an image of this - observing a young woman in pink silk pyjamas crawling along the pavement, drunk, then joining a band of musicians on a stage.

My aunt found a small pink booklet about vegetarianism and Jesus. She said: 'This belongs to the black man'. I decided to go and find the owner of the booklet and return it to him. On the way, I saw my stepdad talking to a black man at the bar. My stepdad was holding a pint of Guinness and saying something to the man about the Queen. DL joined me and we stood by the side of the bar, just as the bar manager ordered that the bar staff start a parade. The male bar staff then had to parade up and down behind the bar while the customers rated them on their facial hair. There was one bar man who DL and I were focused on because he was dressed in a New Era cap and had lots of tattoo, making him seem young and trendy, but as we looked at him closely, he appeared to be very old. He stopped parading and started pouring drinks from the spirits optics. 

A blonde female then approached me, with two other unfamiliar girls standing nearby. She was wearing tight black and white vertically striped trousers. She started threatening me and I retaliated, telling her to leave me alone. She moved backwards and then grabbed by hand with her own. Her arm was stretched several feet across the room and I started pulling it, stretching it further. I looped her arm around the neck of a man, sitting at one of the tables in the centre of the bar. As the blonde female pulled at her arm, and I pulled it towards me, her elbow started to strangle the man. I let go, and the female chased me, her arm back to normal length now. She was going to kill me. I saw my family seated in a new bay window seat in another section of the pub and ran over to them, jumping up onto the window ledge behind the seats so the female could not get at me. She stopped and started shouting something threatening. My mum asked me what I was doing and I told her that I had used the girl's arm to kill a man and was trying to avoid getting a beating from her. I then realised I had left my bottles of vodka under the table in the other part of the pub and didn't want the female to steal them. PH went back into the other area to retrieve the vodka for me.

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