Friday, 9 January 2015

Dream 347

'Making Air Crafts'
Dream date: 5 January 2015
At various points in this dream, I had the sensation of being seated on a large spinning tray-like object alongside other (unseen) dream characters. It was in an outside environment during the day, but I could not see my location because everything was a blur due to the spinning motion. I was thinking of teapots and cutting meat when these experiences occurred.

I was in some kind of factory which manufactured air crafts. I was with two male friends - a Chinese male, who closely resembled my ex-boyfriend MT (yes, I had two Chinese exes, if you are wondering why the pseudonym has changed from that cited in previous dreams) who is now actually working for an airline in Burma; and a black male who seemed to be very similar to my friend, JL, an American medical student. We were all working together in this factory which was very large and made of shiny metal, with benches along the walls. 

I then saw a scene which I was not participating in. I could see a female dream character riding a horse, being led by a middle-aged male, who was the supervisor from the air craft factory. There was no saddle or reins on the horse, only loose ropes which went around the horse and were being held by the female rider. I wasn't sure whether this female dream character was meant to be me (seen in the third person) or whether I was just observing someone else. When I woke up from this dream, I thought the female horse rider might have been me. The female wanted to get off the horse, but she was too scared. The male supervisor leading the horse told her to jump off. He made the horse gallop towards a road, on the other side of which was a wall. The female jumped off the horse mid-gallop. The horse then leapt into the air and landed nose-first on the concrete. I felt very shocked. I noticed other bystanders who also appeared very shocked. We then saw this happen again, in slow motion. The horse was dissected in two parts along the length - like a Damien Hirst installation. You could see it's bones and external organs. When it landed on it's nose, the nose smashed off - it looked flaky and golden brown - like sponge cake. 

I was then back in the factory. The supervisor walked with me, MT and JL to a small courtyard where there was a running stream and a fountain. We were looking into the fountain. I was telling the MT character that he reminded me of the actual MT (my ex) and calling him 'Minny' which is a variation of MT's actual name. I then became confused as to whether the MT dream character 'Minny' was actually my ex-boyfriend, MT. I couldn't tell if they were doppelgängers or the same person. The supervisor started telling us that you could not work at the factory if you had poor eyesight. I recounted a (real-life, actual) story about the real MT having been unable to train as a pilot in the UK and getting laser eye surgery which allowed him to train in Burma. Minny then said to me: 'Don't tell the supervisor about the laser eye surgery!' which made me even more confused as to whether Minny was actually MT. We walked back into the main bit of the factory. Leaning against one of the benches was a tall, lanky male dream character. He had two ginger female dream characters with him, one under each arm, hugging him. Suddenly a massive crowd of dream characters (other workers) swarmed over and started pushing against Minny and JT, crushing them against the bench. The tall, lanky male dream character and ginger females seemed unfazed by this, even though they were in the crush.

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