Monday, 5 January 2015

Dream 346

'Diorama Competition'
I was with another (unrecalled) person and we were taking part in a diorama competition. We had to make a three-dimensional woodland scene, incorporating a full-size model of a man. The task seemed far too big and I had concerns about moving the diorama once it was completed. My mum was urging me and my friend to make the best diorama and win the competition.

There was a journey involved. It was Autumn and very dark.

I had to buy something - meat? This came in boxes, but I bought the wrong item and had to return to the shop and purchase the correct one, wasting time. 

The diorama was too small and did not have the human figure. It was a woodland scene which seemed to only include trees and grass. It was boring and lacking in any detail at all. It was made out of cardboard and was flimsy and wonky. We had only used shades of brown and green and made a small signpost at the front with some writing on it. We were looking at the diorama in the workshop/art studio in which we had made it and knew it was a failure. 

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