Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dream 360

'Suicide & Boxes of Toys'
Dream date: 24 January 2015
I was with an ex-boyfriend SL in a room I do not recognise. He was showing me a box which contained several toys in boxes - action figures, dolls, games etc. He was moaning that he had ordered the box which came with a selection of surprise toys but he was not impressed with the ones chosen for him by the supplier.

I walked into a bathroom and saw another ex-boyfriend, PS sitting in a bath. He held up his left forearm to me and I saw that on the inside, from the elbow to the wrist, he had made deep incisions with a razor. I thought it was a suicide attempt and felt horrified. The bathroom was covered in his blood. 

I was then with PS and his friend, FK. We were going to a Turkish Ocakbasi restaurant, similar to one we used to visit when I lived in London. It was dark in the restaurant and we sat in a corner. PS was telling me I should not be there with him because his girlfriend 'Laura' would not like it. I was arguing that the visit to the restaurant was innocent and indeed he had invited me along. I told him I was worried about his earlier suicide attempt. 

I do not remember anything else about this dream.

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