Friday, 9 January 2015

Dream 348

'Rap Battles and Affairs with Jay-Z'
Dream date: 6 January 2015
I had a really bad day after having this dream, which was a shame because this was one of my favourite dreams in a long time and I felt really positive when I woke up from it. This dream was very long, detailed and vivid.

I was in a small, dilapidated shack in Sheringham, my home town. This shack was really cosy with lots of soft furnishings and was located right by the sea. It seemed to only be a single storey building, with an overgrown leafy garden. I lived in this shack with a male dream character who was most definitely a composite of former and recent boyfriends - SL, PS and DL. At times, this male would look just like one of the boyfriends (he started off looking like SL, but having the personality and lifestyle details associated with PS - and later was PS and then DL at various points in the dream). I will refer to him as 'the boyfriend' and note his specific appearance, if it is possible to identify which of the boyfriends he looked most like. At the start of the dream, the boyfriend looked like SL. He was arranging to buy/sell come cannabis (therefore, an action associated with PS). I was in agreement with his plans. We were just hanging out in the shack and the boyfriend was waiting for the right time to leave. It seemed like it might be daytime at this point. The boyfriend eventually got ready to go out and buy the stash of cannabis (which was going to be a large quantity). I agreed to wait in the shack for him to return. He left. I walked through the a bedroom, and saw Jay-Z, dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, lounging on the bed. I was shocked to see him there, as I had not realised he was in the shack, and he was a celebrity! I went over to talk to him and he started trying to make sexual advances towards me. I was flattered, but confused as to why this was happening - it felt as odd as if Jay-Z was actually in Sheringham, showing interest in someone like me! 

I then saw the outside of the shack from a different perspective - as if the scene cut away to show what was happening elsewhere. Beyonce was sitting outside the shack (on the street, from which you could see the garden and doorway), in a blue car. It was night. Beyonce was suspicious that Jay-Z was cheating on her and had come to catch him out. She got out of the car and took her mobile phone (which was a very old, cheap model) and dialled a number, From her perspective, walking towards the shack, I heard a phone ring from inside - this was obviously Jay-Z's mobile phone ringing. Beyonce started to walk down the garden path - I was still seeing the dream from her perspective. I then suddenly - with no reality check, just from the sheer desire not to get caught with Jay-Z (although he was the person at fault and I hadn't done anything sexual with him) became lucid. Still from Beyonce's perspective, I thought (with my lucid brain) that I better change what was happening so Beyonce would not catch Jay-Z trying to seduce me. The perspective of the dream switched back to me and Jay-Z in the bedroom. I told Jay-Z that Beyonce was outside the shack, about to walk through the open front door. He didn't ask me how I knew, he just accepted this as truth. He said he would be busy over the next day or so, but would be staying in Sheringham. He begged to see me again. I agreed I would meet him again, but urged him to get up off the bed and walk through to the door. I advised him to tell Beyonce that he had simply visited the shack to buy some cannabis from the boyfriend. Jay-Z thanked me for trying to save his marriage. While I was still lucid, I managed to notice that he looked younger and better looking than he usually does in real life. I then lost lucidity, but the dream just continued as normal.

Some random girls were in the lounge of the shack, seated on the sofa. The boyfriend (looking like SL) had returned and he asked me to leave the room because his friend, [a female friend of SL whose actual name I cannot remember] was there and he wanted to hang out with her. I was annoyed, because there were other people present in the room and they were allowed to stay. One female dream character was sat in the middle part of the sofa. She had brown bobbed hair and a round face. I poked her in the nose and squashed her nose flat to her face. I wondered if she would seek revenge or be angry about this, but she just laughed. All of the females, except the boyfriend's female friend, left the room with me and we went into another room together. They wanted to be my friends. We were laughing and joking.

I then found myself in the kitchen in PS's home in London, with PS and his teenage sister, JG. PS was baking. JG was telling me a story and dancing in the kitchen. I asked 'the boyfriend' character (PS) if I could see him 'tomorrow' but he said he had theatre tickets and would have to see me the day after. 

I was then taking part in a freestyle rap battle (PS and DL both make hip hop music and SL is in a band, so all these 'boyfriends' are involved in making music). I was battling against a white male dream character. I was freestyling really well (it is something I can actually do in real-life, but I was better at it in the dream). I recall some of my bars, but only really the rhyming words:

'You're bananas', drama, Obama, karma, moussaka, llama 
'Your words need rephrasing', replacing, amazing

I ended up winning the battle. The crowd watching were really excited and the boyfriend (PS/DL) was proud of me. I noticed that my mum and nan and several older women were present in the venue, which seemed to be a posh hotel with a lot of flowery decor. I walked over to a canteen counter where hot drinks were being served. I went to pour a cup of coffee from a coffee machine, and accidentally added some soup to my cup. I felt annoyed that my coffee was polluted with soup, but started thinking about my next rap battle which was soon to start. An elderly woman approached me. She told me that she had been sitting with my family members and was a real fan of my freestyle rapping. She said a lot of elderly people were getting into hip hop and rap battles. She seemed to know what she was talking about and clued up on hip hop culture. 

I was then with the boyfriend (PS) in my bedroom in Sheringham. We were sitting on my bed. He said that he was dating 'Debbie' and before I could even say anything, he noticed the shock on my face (PS is currently dating someone in real-life, but I do not know exactly who it is because we only communicate by text in real-life and he doesn't want to tell me). He said: 'No, not that Debbie!' meaning a girl within his circle of friends in London. He then said that he had been  dating AWB, but she was annoying. A short while after this, he said he was still dating AWB - this all confused and frustrated me, making me feel second-rate and jealous. There was some sexual tension.

I was then on a plane with the boyfriend (DL). The pilot walked down the aisle. He looked like the TV character, Nathan Barley - or rather the actor who plays him, Nicholas Burns (both DL and I really like Nathan Barley in real-life). He wasn't dressed as a pilot, but was wearing casual clothing. The boyfriend was sitting in the window seat and I was in the aisle seat. The pilot seemed to be a friend of ours. He stopped in the aisle by our seats (we were actually in the air at this point, but nearly ready to land, so I was worried how the plan would be landed without the pilot in the cockpit controlling it!). He had a carrier bag which was ripped open. Inside it was about an ounce of cannabis. The pilot offered to sell it to the boyfriend and I for a very cheap price. We took the cannabis from him and inspected it. It wasn't good quality at all - it was leafy, dried up and had no aroma (what I would call 'fraff'), the boyfriend and I said we didn't want to buy it, as we had better cannabis back at the shack (in Sheringham). A young female dream character sitting opposite me across the aisle jumped up from her seat. She was wearing a tight white T-shirt and sunglasses. She said: 'I'll buy it and sell it to become rich and famous!'  and I were laughing at her stupidity and ignorance. I said to the boyfriend: 'She'll only make about £20 profit from selling that!' 

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