Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dream 359

'Babysitting and Pink Slime'
Dream date: 23 January 2015
I was with DL and he had a male friend (just a dream character) who was a large young man with brown hair, dressed in a boiler suit. His name was 'Tom'. Tom was performing a stand-up comedy routine, which was taking place on a stage, which was in fact my real-life kitchen floor space. He performed the comedy routine, but it was a failure and no-one found it funny at all. 

DL and I then found ourselves on some kind of balcony which was enclosed by large floor-to-ceiling planes of glass. I was looking out of the window and could see three over-lapping cosmic bodies, which were so large that they filled the entire sky and extended down below the horizon, meaning they were both close to Earth and much larger than it. However, they all looked to be the same size as one another. I looked closely at them and realised these cosmic bodies were the Sun, the moon and Jupiter. I was trying to draw DL's attention to this phenomenon, but he was more keen to talk about Tom's comedy routine, which did not interest me. We stepped away from the glass panes of the balcony, further into the room which was made up of grey concrete (walls and floor). Tom came into the room and stood against the wall. He was upset at his failure. 

DL and I were then in my lounge/kitchen in my home in Norwich. It was very dark, only dimly lit with small lamps. The kitchen appeared to be the same as in real-life, but the lounge area was bigger, with more homely furniture, such as dressers and cupboards. This house belonged to WP, someone I once briefly dated. Now, in real-life he has a partner, a step-child and a baby daughter. In the dream he had two daughters - one aged 6 years and the other age 2 years. DL and I were babysitting for the girls, who were sitting on a sofa. I had brought a biscuit tin filled with pink slime. It was food for the 2 year old. I wasn't sure if it was suitable to feed her, so I wanted to contact WP to ask him. I found a baby intercom on the table and tried to use it as a mobile phone, but could not get it to work. I then looked in the fridge, and saw a container with the same pink slime in it. This indicated to me that the pink slime was the right food to feed the 2 year old. I went to remove the contained from the fridge, but overbalanced (while kneeling down) and fell on my butt. 

I then tried to convince the 2 year old that she must eat the pink slime. I said if she didn't eat it, she would have to eat Christmas pudding. The girl said she liked Christmas pudding. DL was sitting beside her on the sofa and was holding a Christmas pudding, still in its wrapping. DL said we could not eat his Christmas pudding. He said that since it was January there would probably still be Christmas puddings on sale (at a discount price) in the shops, but I did not want to go shopping. I told the girl that if she did not eat the pink slime she would have to eat boiled sprouts. I was trying to think of foods she would find disgusting, thereby convincing her that the pink slime was the lesser of two evils. The girl said she also liked sprouts. I then told her she could eat the pink slime or eel. 

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