Thursday, 15 January 2015

Dream 352

'Confusing Interactions'
Dream date: 13 January 2015
I was in a small shack which I think was in Sheringham, by the sea. It was very rustic and dark and consisted of one room with a bed in it. This dream is recalled in a very piecemeal and hazy way because I didn't write it down as soon as I awoke, but I can remember that there was lots of travelling about - going to get alcoholic drinks. Everything felt temporary and unfixed - as if I was waiting for a change to take place. It was unsettling.

At some point I was aware that I was with several dream characters, one of whom was PS. PS told me that he could not communicate with me because of his new girlfriend (this mirrors our recent real-life interaction), but we still went ahead and spoke with one another (as in real-life). PS said that I could come with him to a place where he was planning to drink some of the alcohol which had been procured earlier in the dream, but I refused on the basis that I would be the 'third wheel' - only him, his new girlfriend and I would be there, which would be awkward. PS told me that I should bring someone with me. I then noticed that HL was in the shack with us, and I asked him if he wanted to join us. I was sitting on the bed at this time and became aware that HL's brother, PL was laying in the bed, with the duvet pulled up to his chin. PL said: 'You should go with her, she is like an animal in bed, 'E' told me so...' I looked at PL and mouthed to him to shut up, even though he had already said the entire sentence. PL apologised to me. 

There was more interaction in the shack between PS, HL and myself, but I cannot recall it. 

I then was outside in my nan's porch. On the door of the outside toilet or the shed (they are next to each other) was a mirror. I looked at my reflection. I looked like myself facially, but my hair was shoulder-length and had bleached blonde streaks in it. I wondered what had possessed me to get my long hair cut.

I was then walking through an institutional building, following a female dream character, whose face I did not see. She had waist-length black hair, similar to my own in real-life and was wearing a white top and blue jeans. I felt jealous of her hair and kept wondering why I had cut my own short. I then pulled at the ends of my hair and found it had grown considerably - it was now halfway between my shoulders and waist and I felt pleased that it was growing so quickly. I was sure I could get it to it's original length in no time at all. 

There was some more action outside my nan's shed/outside toilet.

I do not remember the next location I found myself in. I was then with a male dream character - I am not sure who this was. He was wearing some very strange white shoes - they were patent leather and pointy. I did not like these shoes one bit and felt that - although the male was attractive - I would be embarrassed to be seen with him wearing these shoes. I was given some items by another character - I think it was cakes. I walked outside and saw a small gazebo, made from white fretwork. SW2 (a boy I went to school with and with whom I have had a recent conversation) was standing in the centre of the gazebo with an older woman arranged his clothing. She was getting ready to show him off to other people somehow.

I cannot remember anything else about this dream.

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