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La Ghash Dream Interpretation & Analysis (1)

I have a backlog of dreams submitted by my readers which need interpretation. I am beginning to work through all of these dreams. My main obstacle is the fact that often the dreams are submitted for analysis without the provision of any contact details and therefore it is impossible to interact with the dreamer to work through the dream interpretation with them in a participatory way which I prefer to do. Therefore, I have relied specifically on the details as presented to me in the text submitted by my readers and am unable to probe deeper than what has been disclosed. I cannot ask questions to elicit more detail, explanation, latent symbolic meaning or the readers's subjective perception of the dream content (the personal associations, effect of daily residue, memory etc). 

If any of the readers for whom I have attempted analysis wish to contact me further for a more detailed dream interpretation, they are very welcome to do so and I would encourage this. I can therefore produce an even more detailed dream analysis and correspond directly with the dreamer to elicit other useful information and perhaps lead the dreamer through a stream of consciousness exercise.

Instead of copy-pasting or rewriting the submitted dreams, I have chosen to print-screen so the dreams are presented exactly as written by the dreamers.

Dream 1

I would interpret this dream as a fear of loss/separation from your loved one. Perhaps you fear their death, physical removal or a breakdown of a relationship. This is not a premonition of what will actually happen, rather an expression of your subconscious fears and anxieties. I don't think that this is a negative dream, because of the symbol of the baby. 

Babies represent change, birth/rebirth and new cycles of life/beginnings. They symbolise innocence, starting over, warmth and purity. A baby may represent hidden potential - particularly if it just appears in the dream. You are able to find hidden attributes and talents within yourself which you may not have known you possessed. 

It may be that Alexandra's desire to grab the weapon, protect herself and seek revenge (as assertive act) is what needs to be done in order to bring about positive change. It may also be that the necessary 'action' (realisation, recognition, acknowledgement) has already taken place within the dream itself. Alexandra may have adequately acknowledged the pain which would accompany the severing or ending of a cherished relationship, and it is this subconscious expression which enables change to occur. Alternatively, perhaps the dream is showing you characteristics (protectiveness, assertiveness, aggression, confrontation, taking a situation in hand) you need to adopt within your self in order to bring about good change and growth. 

Scissors, or scissor-like weapons tend to be perceived as female - perhaps because of the anatomical qualities they possess, or perhaps because they are seen as traditionally female tools, associated with textiles and household tasks. In dreams, they represent separation - which is a dream theme I have highlighted above as a possible source of anxiety at the root of this particular dream. In some dreams, scissors have been interpreted to relate to the removal of the non-essential from the essential (separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak), but here, Alexandra dreams of the scissor-like shears being used in an attack against a loved-one. Could it be that the attacker of Alexandra's loved-one is what needs to be trimmed/cut from her life? Perhaps removing what this dream character represents from her relationship with her loved one would allow their relationship to prosper and obliterate any anxieties Alexandra is feeling about loss or breakdown. Some dream interpretations suggest that when a woman dreams of a scissor-like weapon, she is feeling jealous or intimidated by the presence of another woman in the life of a male with whom the dreamer is close. Could this be the source of anxiety and fear of relationship breakdown? Is this the person who needs to be cut from the situation? 

Dream 2

The path in this dream seems to represent Luke's subconscious - it symbolises the journey through the mind. If the path is clear and well-marked, then it symbolises clarity of thought and peace of mind. However, Luke describes this as an 'old path' which indicates that this is a well-trodden road from his past - something from his earlier life is in his subconscious thoughts and taking him on this particular walk 'down memory lane'. It may be that Luke needs to pay close attention to the direction in which he is headed in his personal or professional life. The fact that he is walking with friends who are acquainted with an old enemy shows a lack of trust, disloyalty and betrayal. While friends represent kinship and the specifics which relate to that particular person/people and the relationship shared, an enemy symbolises opposing or contradictory views. I wonder whether Luke's friends and enemy symbolise conflicting ideas/thoughts/feelings that he is experiencing in his waking life - perhaps some of these thoughts/feelings are more familiar and comforting to him, but he is also harbouring emotions which present him with fear or anxiety? An enemy in a dream may represent the dreamer's inner demons and aspects of the dreamer's self which they wish to get rid of. The fact that Luke dreams of both friends and an enemy may indicate that certain aspects of himself have both positive and negative elements - he is forced to take the bad with the good. Certainly, there is some notion of opposition or contradiction.

Knives and stabbing is representative of rivalries, power struggle and aggression/violence. Is the contradiction which might be represented in the dream symbols of friends/enemies in collusion also apparent as a power struggle? Are rivalled thoughts creating some form of conflict for Luke? Being chased in a dream is a sign that the dreamer is not confronting a particular situation - this is symbolic of fear, insecurity and inadequacy. Unlike his friends/enemy, Luke is unarmed and not able to fight off his attackers. 

Chase dreams tend to occur when we are unable to cope with our emotions or face reality. Chase dreams are very common as a universal dream theme and when linked with unpleasant feelings or a negative context, are usually a sign that the dreamer is running away from a situation or their true feelings. Perhaps Luke's contradictory thoughts/feelings are what he does not want to face up to. Is he having doubts or regrets about a situation with which he is fooling himself that he is content and settled/committed towards? The thing which chases you in a dream is that which symbolises the latent fears, anxieties, urges, desires etc. 

Luke says that his chasers stop at a distance and fear advancing. This may be a sign that he does not see the cause for his conflict as having an immediate effect on his life - as long as he keeps avoiding it and running away from it, it cannot hurt him or impinge on his life. While this may be true, the fact of the dream may be enough indication that he needs to address the situation and resolve the conflict. Even if there are no immediate or observable consequences of an inner conflict, the presence of a conflict is enough alone to block the path (journey through life), slow the passage through life, or create detrimental thoughts/feelings which lead to confusion. The dream is a message from the subconscious to Luke, asking him to work out who or what he should be loyal to - to choose which aspects of his life he can place his trust in and which he needs to cast away.

Dream 3

Clearly here, the dreamer has regressed to their childhood selves - this may be because the dream represents some aspect of their own childhood, or more likely, because the child-self in the dream is symbolic of the dreamer's inner child. I am unable to assume whether this dreamer is male or female from the way the dream has been written - but my first thought was that this was a female dreamer (inferred from the reference to 'another female child'). I wonder who this female child represents - is it again, the dreamer's inner child/childhood self, or another person? 

The stabbing represents a form of rivalry or power struggle. If the female child also represents an aspect of the dreamer's childhood self, then it may be that the dreamer (depicting themselves as a child to make the battle more fair) is killing off some aspect of their childish self - a trait or emotional baggage associated with their childhood. Another interpretation of stabbing in the neck is jealousy or resentment. Could it be that the dreamer feels jealousy, envy or resentment towards another person, but acknowledges the childishness of these emotions (which all adults feel, but wish to avoid or pretend do not exist), thereby explaining why the dreamer and her victim are depicted as children. It may be that emotions the dreamer is experiencing in her waking life appear to be immature or likely to hold back her personal growth and development, so the dream portrays a return to childhood in order that she resolve the issue there to prevent it from impinging further on her adult self. Additionally, the dreamer may distrust or feel uneasy about the female child and whomever it is she represents to the dreamer.

The rambling words and choking of the female child symbolise a lack of understanding and breakdown in communication. The female child dream character (and implicitly, the dreamer's own subconscious) is trying to give her a message, but it is unclear and incomprehensible - the dreamer may not be ready to hear what she is being told. The dreamer may be on the attack (or defensive) and unwilling to hear what is being said to her (i.e. unable or unwilling to listen to her own intuition or better judgement). The female child is unable to express herself - is this symbolic of the dreamer herself feeling that something has been left unexpressed (perhaps dating back to her childhood); that someone is stifling her; or simply that she needs to suppress someone else and prevent them from expressing something which she does not want to hear? It appears that the dreamer is suppressing her emotions in some way and is reacting in an aggressive and frenzied way. It appears that she realises the negative consequences of behaving in this way, as she regrets the violence inflicted upon the female dream character was immediately tries to save her. It may be that the dreamer is the kind of person (like myself) who can react to some situations with aggression. While this aggression may be focused on an aspect of the dreamer's own psyche, it is destructive and detrimental to the dreamer's relationships with others. The dreamer is almost an automaton in this dream - acting hastily without forethought, and unable to control themselves, despite feeling remorse and shame for the actions afterwards and wanting to put them right. Choking may symbolise the conflict between expressing and repressing something. The fact that the female child chokes when the dreamer places her hands on her neck to save her life may indicate that the dreamer has attempted to tackle the unresolved conflict at the heart of this dream in the past, but has been unsuccessful. The fact that after the failed attempt to save the female child's life, the dreamer begins to helplessly stab her more, seems to show that the dreamer wants to bring about some form of change in her life, but when she fails to realise her wishes, she reverts to form (old behaviours) and begins to lash out again in frustration. Perhaps she feels that no-one is listening to what she is expressing, hence the conflict between trying to deal openly with the conflict and save the situation, or trying to repress it. leading to outbursts of aggression or damaging behaviours which lead to a cycle effect. It may be that the unresolved conflict, unexpressed emotions and guilt stem back to the dreamer's childhood and have had a prolonged, incremental impact on her adult self. The dream may be a warning that she needs to confront this conflict and instead of acting in a self-destructive cycle, listen to her inner self and allow healing to take place. Maybe there will be loss and blood spilled, but this may be necessary for resolution and growth - trying to patch over the problem (putting hands over the neck wounds) doesn't achieve anything in the long term, and the problem will keep repeating itself until the dreamer is ready to hear the message from the subconscious.

Dream 4

I wonder whether the female character this dreamer saw herself as reflects aspects of herself which she wishes to incorporate into her life, or alternatively, subconsciously acknowledges but wishes to repel or banish? 

Boats tend to symbolise the dreamer's ability to cope with their feelings and emotions. The dreamer should pay careful attention to both the environment on board the boat and also the water surrounding it. This dreamer has made no mention of the state of the water, but she refers to the boat as 'old fashioned' and being the venue for a 'party' of some kind. I wonder if this boat represents some element of the dreamer's earlier life, or an element of their current life which they subconsciously recognise needs to undergo some form of change. The dreamer refers to being 'held hostage' which may be an indication that something in their life is holding them back and imprisoning them. It would be virtually impossible to escape safely from a boat on the open seas - and additionally, a moored boat is going nowhere. I would ask this dreamer about the state of the boat and the journey it was on (if at all). This dream may be an indication that the dreamer is ready to confront their subconscious and emotions, or on the other hand, a sign that they should not 'rock the boat' until they have a suitable escape plan in place. Remember that the sea represents turbulence, change and the voyage of life - the boat is what keeps you afloat. If the boat is perceived as a form of prison, then perhaps the coping mechanisms or outlook of the dreamer are inadequate for dealing with whatever life throws at them.

Boats are also thought to represent the feminine and female sexuality. The dreamer may be imprisoned by her own perception of her gender and sexuality. Dreaming of a party is quite a literal symbol - representing socialisation and the dreamer's relationship with other people or life events depicted by the party. The feelings of being held hostage on the party boat may symbolise feelings of being trapped by other people, or subconscious anxieties about some aspect of the dreamer's social life. Perhaps the dreamer has fears about expressing their female identity and sexuality within their wider social life and therefore repress various aspects of themselves in order to fit in. 

The dreamer speaks of wanting to escape and having a means of doing so, but being surrounded by other people which make it impossible for her to find somewhere to hide. This seems to suggest that the social interaction symbolised by the party is unwanted - the dreamer feels vulnerable and conspicuous and wants to remove herself from the other people at the party. This may be interpreted as a simple form of social anxiety and awkwardness, but perhaps on a deeper level, the dreamer feels that she wants to keep some part of herself/life secret and hidden from others, is unwilling or unable to confront a problem which exists in her current life, or feels some repressed guilt for something. It may be that the dreamer feels she is hiding whom she really is in order to fit in better, but is aware that her true nature will be revealed or disclosed by those around her. She is looking for protection or security. The dreamer does not specifically say what she was escaping/wanting to hide from at this point in the dream.

The closet in which the dreamer hides is another symbol for what is being kept hidden. It is particularly telling that the closet is described as 'dark'. It may also relate to revealing or disclosing some previously hidden aspect of self, but since the dreamer wants to hide in the closet, rather than escape from it, it seems that she is keen for something to be kept under wraps and private. It may be that the dreamer is protecting herself from being hurt by others and is afraid to let others know the 'real her'. It may be that 'under the stairs' as a location in the dream is symbolic of repressed thoughts - perhaps ones that the dreamer subconsciously hopes will stay repressed and hidden. Being at the bottom of a staircase may reflect setbacks the dreamer is experiencing in their current waking life and the fact that she feels safer retreating rather than confronting her anxieties or fears.

I would ask the dreamer whether she perceived the little girl to be herself as a child - therefore representative of her own childhood, or her inner child. The little girl carries a weapon - the knife representing a form of protection, which can be used to attack or defend and may be symbolic of both violence, power struggles or sexuality. The little girl is ready to hand over the knife to the adult dream character - she is able to help the dreamer feel more equipped to deal with what the dream is showing her. It may be that the little girl represents a need to embrace the dreamer's inner child or qualities associated with childhood, or additionally, that the dream character of the little girl reflects an event from the dreamer's own childhood which has prepared her for what she faces as an adult. The child hands the dreamer the weapon with which she can fight and defend herself. I would like to know what the dreamer associates with the knife - what does this seem to relate to subconsciously? 

The man in the dream seems to be a source of fear and anxiety - could it be that this man is a subconscious projection of someone in the dreamer's waking life, or representative of masculinity or masculine qualities generally? Are these masculine qualities aspects of the dreamer's self she wants to be rid of, or qualities which she desires to embrace and enhance? The male dream character has been portrayed in a negative and threatening way and he and the dreamer are involved in a power struggle in which the dreamer tries to ward off/kill the male but is unable to do so. Her knife - her method of attack or means of self defence (it seems to represent both) is inadequate. This may be another indication that the dreamer's coping mechanism (knife), which may have been inherited or continued from childhood (the little girl) is not the correct means with which to confront or win a conflict. Is the dreamer reverting to an overly emotive, reactive response to a crisis or problem rather than thinking rationally and dealing with it openly? The struggle and conflict in the dream is futile - the dreamer does not manage to obviously hurt the man in the dream (other than causing blood loss), although she does temporarily appear to escape his advances and the threat represented by it. This may be a sign that her coping mechanisms (the knife) may be a means at which to push away negativity or unwanted situations, but is an unreliable means which does not get to the heart of the problem or guarantee a long-term or permanent solution to a conflict which exists for the dreamer. Blood represents life, passion, violence and loss. It is often interpreted as symbolic of disappointment, particularly a disappointment which has occurred after the dreamer has put great effort and energy into something. Blood often indicates that the dreamer needs to confront something - there is a blot or blemish/flaw in a waking situation which requires healing or cleansing. Dreaming that others are bleeding can be symbolic of an emotional cry for help and the fact that the dreamer is under some form of stress which needs release. 

Again, the dreamer states that she is afraid of being discovered by someone who might see the blood and find her hiding place. This indicates strongly that she is feeling some form of guilt or anxiety over an aspect of her waking life and wants to keep this part of herself secret from others for fear that revelation or disclosure will expose her vulnerability or inadequacy. The dream is trying to get the dreamer to confront this fear, but at this point, she has been unable to do so - she remained in hiding and was unable to assert power or control over the male dream character, only able to temporarily push him (and what he represents) away from her immediate space. The dreamer awoke feeling troubled - no doubt because she was unable to reach a satisfactory resolution of the conflict presented in the dream.

Dream 5

This is an interesting dream, because it has been told from the perspective of the dreamer's husband. It is therefore much harder to interpret it because there is a lack of context here. 

Stabbing someone - or attacking them with a weapon - is typically interpreted as a form of power struggle or rivalry. While this dreamer states that they would 'never do that' (and no doubt honestly holds this belief), on a subconscious level, there may be some aspect of the relationship which is surrounded by unresolved conflict. I would ask this dreamer whether (s)he recollects any action/interaction leading up to this dream which created a feeling of conflict, disagreement or struggle. This might be something major (lack of trust, infidelity, argument) or relatively minor (feelings of ingratitude, neglectfulness or disagreement) which has been magnified in the dream narrative. Is there an aspect of the husband's character/nature or the relationship generally, which the dreamer wished to kill off or remove? Because the husband dreamed this dream, this answer would depend largely on the husband's perception of how his spouse views him/the relationship. The reader who submitted this dream has not been able to give any insight into how this dream was experienced by her/his husband. Did the dreamer feel wounded by something the stabbing spouse has recently said/done and therefore the stabbing represents a a form of revenge taken by the stabbing spouse within the dream? Does the dreaming husband have a secret, feeling, fear or anxiety which they are harbouring in the knowledge that this would anger or upset their spouse? Anticipation of the resentment may have been manifested as the spouse stabbing the husband, as a form of punishment or personal attack.

Perhaps the stabbed husband is feeling a lack of power which has made them vulnerable. The act of stabbing someone is often linked to sexuality, which in itself, is implicitly connected with violence in many schools of dream interpretation, notably, Freudian. The stab dream may be symbolic of sexual dominance. Has the spouse taken on a more dominant role in the sexual side of the marriage or displayed some form of power which has left the husband feeling emasculated or powerless? Dreaming of being stabbed often relates to feelings of weakness and inadequacy, so it would be useful to know what the husband was experiencing in his waking life at the point this dream occurred. It would be interesting to know exactly where the husband dreamed of being stabbed - was it in the back (anxiety that they may be betrayed by their spouse)? 

Dream 6

The first question I would ask this dreamer, is what association do they make when recalling the stabbing child? Was this dream character an identifiable child (known to them in waking reality) or simply a character constructed within the dream? Dream characters are projections of the subconscious self - is it possible that the stabbing child represents some aspect of the dreamer themselves? 

The stabbing - a violent dream symbol - may represent a struggle of power. Is this a struggle of power involving the dreaming parent, who has projected themselves into the dream as a child, or a third party? Is this stabbing a form of attack or defence? Is the dreamer trying to kill off (repress) some aspect of their child (bad behaviour, wilful manner etc) or are they experiencing some anxiety about their child and the dangers faced by their child in the wider world? It is common for our anxieties and fears about our loved ones surfacing in our dreams. 

Are the stabbed child's qualities (immaturity, childishness, innocence) a concern to the dreamer, hence them symbolising their child's attacker  (the dangers faced by their child) as a childish figure? Could it be that childhood innocence is the perceived enemy here? The dreamer may be projecting inner feelings that the world is not safe for their child, particularly amongst their peers, without parental supervision or protection.

The dream may be nothing more than the symbolic relationship between ourselves and our inner child. The stabbing of the dreamer's own child may be a representation of the dreamer killing off some part of themselves in order to transition into a new phase of life. Alternatively, the dreamer may be aware of their developing child's growing self-awareness, maturity and autonomy, something which causes concern and worry in many parents who are faced with their child becoming independent and gaining a sense of themselves as an individual. This anxiety may have been manifested as a stabbing - a loss of childhood and anticipation of the diminishing parental role in the life of the child as (s)he takes increasing steps towards flying the nest.

Freud analysed dreams in which a loved one is attacked as a form of subconscious rivalry which is concealed with outward affection and love. This is not to suggest that the dreamer feels rivalry towards their child, but could it be that they harbour thoughts that their child has a more comfortable and privileged childhood than they themselves experienced, and have symbolised this thought as their child being punished, the stabbing child, representing the dreamer's own childhood and themselves as a child, engaged in familial struggle. Does the stabbed child reflect the dreamer's own childhood and unresolved conflicts, which are manifested in the stabbing act? If the stabbing child does represent the dreamer, then could the dream be warning them that their own unresolved childhood conflicts or subconscious thoughts about childhood be 'hurting' their own child? Perhaps the dream is making the dreamer more consciously aware about how their experiences may impact on their parenting style and their own child.

What age are the children - both the stabbing child, and the dreamer's own child? Are they the same age? Does this dream reflect something which happened to the dreamer at this age in their own life, which left them feeling assaulted or hurt in some way? Are they keen to avoid their own child from experiencing the same event/feelings and therefore manifest this fear of their child feeling this pain and suffering in the form of them as a child inflicting it upon their own offspring?

Dream 7

Guns are a very Freudian symbol, Andy. They tend to symbolise what we commonly associate with them: violence, aggression and masculinity. However, Freud also saw the gun as representative of the male sex drive and the penis. The shooting of bullets from the gun could symbolise ejaculation and more generally, the release of sexual impulses and urges. The fact that you enjoyed the experience of the guns firing randomly, coupled with the subsequent feelings of fear, danger and threat, could possible symbolise your anxiety about the releasing of your drives and the consequences of expressing them. You had a whole box of guns - subconsciously, this could represent a desire to have multiple sexual conquests and indulge in promiscuity - the range of guns might symbolise a wide range and variety of possibilities for sexual expression. While the guns are in the box they are contained - and quite safe. It is only when you start to examine the guns and then play with them that you started to act recklessly and dangerously and then felt conflict over your enjoyment of this nihilistic and destructive release of a primal urge. Your conflict is between the multiple sources of release and expression of sexual and/or violent drives or keeping these drives boxed up and under control so as not to act destructively towards yourself and others.

Guns also symbolise pride and power - they are a means of hitting a target. However, in the dream, allowing the guns to be fired haphazardly indicates a lack of clear aim or target and is dangerously out of control. Do you enjoy reckless behaviour, but often feel shame for allowing yourself to have fun in this way? Or do you have repressed desire to lead a reckless lifestyle occasionally and break free, but fear the judgement and criticism of others? 

Do you express your emotions - such as anger and aggression - in a detrimental way? Do you always direct it at the right person or situation? What emotion, feeling, thought or memory do you associate with the sensation of firing the gun in the dream? Stream of consciousness exercises will help you free associate and make connections between the manifest content (what happened in the dream) and the latent content (the meaning your subconscious gives to the symbolism - the part not explicitly shown in the dream, because it has been 'censored').

Dream 8

Patricia, birth usually represents the conception of something new: a new phase in life, a new project, a new relationship. In a very literal sense, a woman dreaming of birth may be expressing both conscious and subconscious anxieties about pregnancy and childbirth. 

To dream of giving birth to a non-human baby or inanimate object represents fear about the outcome of this new conceptualisation/phase in life - it is an anxiety that the product or end result will be flawed or inadequate in some way. The fact that snakes are often perceived as evil, treacherous, dangerous and both sexual/violent in Freudian phallic symbolism (representative of the penis), a dream of giving birth to multiple snakes may refer to a fear that your inner impulses or ideas will be released (be expressed) and judged by others who will not accept your ideals or goals. But this is not entirely negative; it may simply mean that your 'inner monster' may be more avant-garde or unexpected and that your 'judges' are simply not ready to accept the new you yet. You need to consider how this dream made you feel...were you disgusted by the snakes (and therefore fearful of new beginnings) or did you have maternal or positive emotions by the birth? 

Snakes relate to transformation and growth: shedding off a dead skin. Freud saw snakes as intrinsically relating to sexual impulses and the male genitalia, while Jung interpreted them as symbolic of internal conflict and discrepancy between the conscious/rational mind and the instinctual urge. Using a Freudian interpretation, the snakes would represent your attitude to the male figures symbolised by the snakes and your sexuality generally. The snakes represent extensions of the male figures in your life - or - repressed sexual desire or conflict as to how you express your sexuality. The fact that this dream involved a bed is also a sign that the snakes may symbolise intimacy and conflicted feelings of some kind. The bed is the place of privacy; what associations do you make between the qualities represented by the snakes and intimate relationships in your waking reality?

The snakes had human faces, which makes them seem less threatening, but look at the connotation of seeing someone as a 'snake' - it lends a sense of betrayal, deceit, trickery, hidden dangers/threats and underhand slyness - the term 'snakes in the grass' springs to mind. Were these the faces of people you feel have betrayed you in some way? Snakes can represent what is poisonous (venomous) in your life - was the birth a purging of something causing you inner conflict? Could the birth of snakes relate to anxiety relating to poisonous or toxic thoughts or feelings/emotions associated with the persons whose faces appeared in the dream? Have you internalised any negativity associated with your relationships with these people? The dream could be a message urging you to resolve an emotional conflict by expelling them from within yourself (birth). Perhaps you need to confront the conflicts directly, by bringing them into existence, materialising them, giving them life - is there something you are willing to express? 

Snakes are also associated with healing (the medical caduceus symbol, for example) - could some form of separation from the people associated with the snakes (the 'release' which came from giving birth to them) be healing for you? Or perhaps, alternatively, you new project or life phase will bring new relationships with these individuals: consider your relationship and feelings towards these people to figure out whether you subconsciously see them as positive or negative influences in your life and what associations they have for you. Use a stream of consciousness exercise to free associate and let a free flow of unrestricted, unfiltered thoughts guide your understanding of their significance within your dream. Snakes are often part of 'initiation dreams' and this may be even moreso, given your dream involved the process of birth. The snake itself represents fertility, birth, death and resurrection. The birth of the snakes could be a reference to fertile possibilities.

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  1. Hello.
    [a little real-life backstory for my dream]
    I'm currently 13 years old and I had a strange dream a few weeks ago.
    It's been on my mind for the longest time and I wondered if you would interpret it.
    Ever since I was about 4, I've had an air friend called Yuki. She'd follow me around everywhere and make sure I was safe.
    I never had many friends growing up, so I guess that's why she's always been here.
    In about late August I think, she lashed out at me.
    She grabbed my arm and hit me, then vanished shouting, "They'll win!! They'll win!!"
    And I hadn't seen her since.
    [Now for the dream I experienced a few weeks ago.]
    Yuki was in a park, building a swingset.
    She didn't seem to notice me for a while.
    There were a bunch of people watching, but they could only see the swingset being make, and not Yuki, so they were naturally frightened.
    When I took one step to approach Yuki, she looked up at me.
    She stared me dead in the eyes and said, "I think you know who this is for."
    Then, right before my mother woke me up, she had a crazed look on her face.
    My mother woke me up right after she said that, but like .. The small second before I woke up, Yuki looked very mad.
    She looked as if she wanted to murder someone ..

    The problem is, I don't have a clue who the swingset could be for ..
    I haven't heard from her since that, but I feel like if I can find out who it's for she would come back to me ..
    I need her in my life again. She was my best friend, and I don't know what to do without her.
    One of my good friends suggested that perhaps I know who the swingset is for, but I don't want to face the truth.
    I would really like this dream interpreted if you could ... Thank you ..

  2. In my dream I saw someone stab me in the stomach outside my house it was a female who had done it. She stabbed me and 2 other friends that I was with, we all fell down as we were about to die but minutes later we started to get back up. I was stabbed in the stomach. We went to seek help, I love close to a family member so we went there. When we got there I saw my stomach wound and that I was bleeding, but not a lot. And my white shirt had blood on it. Not drenched in blood, but a decent amount. (it was night time when all this happened in my dream)