Thursday, 15 January 2015

Dream 349

'Faxing Colin Farrell/Russell Crowe'
Dream date: 8 January 2015
I was in a maze-like college which was made up of many small areas or units. It looked very metallic and industrial and there were posters and homemade artwork every where. It reminded me of Afflecks Palace in Manchester - an alternative indoor market I used to visit regularly when I lived in the area. I was in a classroom with some other people - students. We were doing some work, as instructed by an (unseen) teacher. I had lots of notebooks and files full of paper. We were making cakes on the paper, piping the uncooked batter from a piping-bag. The class ended, and I closed the file, shutting the raw cake in the pages. I got up to leave the classroom, and discovered that I had so many files, books etc, that I could not carry them at once. I went to find a locker to store them in. I then walked through the college, past the various units and into the entrance area. I was going to work (at this stage, I did not know where I worked or what my job was in the dream).

Sitting in the entrance area was Colin Farrell who was sitting waiting for me. I went over to him and he asked me out on a date. I said I had to go to work, and he said he would fax me. I asked him why he wouldn't just phone me, but he said: 'You always talk about dreams on the phone'. I left.

I went to the Two Lifeboats Hotel in Sheringham (where my mum used to be the manager and I used to work when I was a teenager). The pub looked normal in the 'Duncan Bar', except it was much longer - double the normal length of this room. I realised I had a fa from Colin - it was handwritten in coloured pencil on a small scrap of yellowing paper. It was a few lines long and included his mobile number. I told my mum that I would start work soon, but first I had to write a return fax to Colin. I had several pieces of paper, but every time I tried to write the fax I made a mistake and had to scribble it out. Sometimes, I would write a perfect fax, but then realise that I had written it in black ink on a piece of black paper so it could not be read. It was as though I had forgotten how to write.

A girl whom used to work for my mum, JHB, kept coming out of the kitchen to check if I was ready to start work. She was getting annoyed by how long I was taking to write my fax. Then a fat woman, pushing a twin-pram came into the bar. She rammed the pram into me, making me scream in pain. My mum pushed the pram from her and started playing with the babies (who were both mixed race, one boy, one girl), while the mother gave me a special massage to heal my back (which was the area I was hit in). She did this by standing behind me and putting her arms behind me and then pulling me back on top of her as she sat down on the seat. I noticed there were lots of customers in the pub.

I then went into the office, which is where the fax machine was. I was planning to send my fax to Colin. The office was dark and was a composite of the actual office as I remember it and the side of the bar where the coffee machine was. Several people entered the office - including RBR, a girl I went to school with. She said: 'You've got charisma, we need you to work the pass' (usually the job of a head chef, shouting out orders, organising the sections of the kitchen and checking the food leaving for the diners is up to standard). I said: 'Yes, I'm just faxing Russell Crowe'. Somehow, Colin Farrell had now become Russell Crowe in my mind. My mum was praising me. 

* I wonder if Colin Farrell became Russell Crowe because of the minor similarities in 'Farrell' and 'Russell' (repetition of letters and 'ell' ending of the names)? I don't find either of them particularly attractive, although Farrell is much more handsome than Crowe...

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