Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dream 362

'Living with a Serial Killer & Visiting Three Different Pubs'
I was attempting to induce a lucid dream using the WILD (wake induced lucid dreaming) technique. I felt myself going into sleep paralysis and then experienced a lucid false awakening almost immediately. I did a reality check which did not show any unusual results. My fingers did not go through my palm, although I did notice that my arms were in a different position to the way I had fallen asleep, despite the fact I knew I had not moved at all. I was in my bedroom and it was darker than it should be for the morning (when I went to sleep). I could hear a strange electrical buzzing from the corner of my ceiling and saw some sparks of light. There was something long and white on the floor, lying against the wall. I woke up in fright.

I then went back to sleep, but was no longer lucid. I was in the house which belonged to Jill Tyrell in my favourite Julia Davis show Nighty Night (series one, 2004). However, the house actually belonged to the Shipman family in Gavin & Stacey (2007), which also stars Julia Davis. Present were Mick and Pam Shipman (Larry Lamb and Alison Steadman), Uncle Bryn (Rob Brydon), Gwen West (Melanie Walters), Vanessa 'Nessa' Jenkins (Ruth Jones) and Pete and Dawn Sutcliffe (Adrian Scarborough and Julia Davis). They were talking about 'hips' and then engaged in a game which involved running through the kitchen and lounge in a circle. The lights were on and it was very bright. There was a party and everyone was drinking alcohol. I started to feel very sick (I was watching, not part of the action). I woke up in real life and still felt sick. I fell asleep again.

I was then on a beach looking out to sea. The characters of Gavin Shipman (Mathew Horne) and Stacey West/Shipman (Joanna Page) were walking out into the sea to catch a cruise ship on the horizon, They were going on honeymoon. I was actually 'Smithy' (James Corden). I waded out after them, calling their names, but they walked too far out into the sea - becoming submerged, and I began to fear that I would drown if I went further myself. I stopped when the sea reached the level of my neck and just remained where I was, staring out to sea.

The scene then changed and I was in a bedroom which I did not recognise. I could see Kim Kardashian wearing a midnight blue silk gown which was long (to the ankle), with a split right up to the top of her thigh. She was also wearing white stiletto heels. I then saw the shoes and bottom of the dress in close detail. Her leg (the side with the split) was bent and positioned in a seduction way. As my view panned upwards, I realised that it was actually me wearing the dress. I felt pleased because I realised I now looked like Kim Kardashian. Note that Kim Kardashian now goes by the name of 'Kim Kardashian-West' - which links to the fact I dreamed of Gavin & Stacey characters who share the family name 'West'.

The scene changed again and I was now in a bedroom which appeared to be a composite of my own room in Norwich and a different (unfamiliar) room. I was sharing this room with a serial killer. He was a little older than me and had gingery-blonde hair underneath a white wool beanie hat which he always wore. I am not sure of his name, but I knew him very well in the dream. The serial killer did not say much, if anything. I think he may have remained silent. I knew he was a mad psycho and was completely terrified of him. He was so controlling, he didn't even need to do anything to me to make me fear him. I am not sure if I was simply sharing my room with the serial killer, or actually in a relationship with him. I noticed that at the top of my bed (where I usually pile my laundry) there was a corpse. It was the partially decomposed body of a female victim, killed by my serial killer room-mate. 

While I looked at the body on the floor (it looked like a grey-green rotting zombie with skin flaking off and slime all over it, half hidden by my clothing), the serial killer stood in the corner of the room laughing at me. I noticed that there was a floor lamp beside the door to the room, which had a pretty floral pattern. This was clearly my bedroom which had been taken over by the serial killer against my will. I felt desperate and needed to escape, but I knew the serial killer would not let me leave. I told him that I was going downstairs to make him some dinner as an excuse to leave the room  and plan an escape. My mum and other members of my family were downstairs. I told them about the murder victim in my bedroom and told them we needed to escape the house (which did not look like any real life house, but was our family home in the dream). My mum said that we would all sneak out of the front door and then run down the road before the serial killer room-mate/boyfriend worked out what was happened. Once we were outside we could use her mobile to call the police and tell them about the serial killer, who would be arrested. I was worried because 'the Australian police are slow to respond'. This was the only indication that we might live in Australia - other than this reference to the Australian police, I had assumed we were living in the United Kingdom. My mum said that it would not matter as we would be away from the house and the serial killer would be in a false sense of security, thinking we were still downstairs cooking him a meal. He wouldn't know we had escaped until it was too late. The front-door was a double door, with some flowers and an umbrella stand beside it. We went outside, in a dark, suburban street and I could see the lights on in the windows of other houses in the neighbourhood as we ran down the road. My family members were also with us, but I only recall conversations with my mum. I was feeling panicked and exhilarated at the same time.

I then told my mum that I needed to dispose of both my mobile phone and sim card because there would be 'incriminating texts' on it which might link me to the serial killer. It seemed that I had communicated with him about some of his previous murders, although I had not actually committed any of the murders myself. I was afraid that when the police investigated, they might seize my phone, look at the previous communications with the serial killer and charge me with being an accessory to murder, or aiding and abetting the serial killer in some way. My mum told me to take the sim card out of my mobile, which I did. We then burnt the mobile phone and sim card separately. My mum told me to use her mobile to call the police. The fact that I was the one making the call to inform them of the serial killer's crimes was an indication that I was not guilty in any way. I felt confident that the police would not be able to discover the texts between me and the serial killer in any way. 

Note that in Gavin & Stacey, the main characters are all named after British serial killers - the Wests are named after my 'favourite' serial killers (i.e. the ones that most interest me), Fred and Rose West. Note also, that apparently serial killer Fred West's favourite holiday destination was Barry Island, Wales - after which he even named one of his younger sons. Barry Island is one of the main locations in Gavin & Stacey and where the majority of the show was filmed. I have seen no reference to suggest that the writers of the show, James Corden and Ruth Jones, actually knew this particular fact, as it appears in biographies of Fred and Rose West, and is not necessarily a piece of information which is widely discussed in reference to them (I remember it being cited in a single sentence in one of the biographies I own).

I was then in a pub which was circular and dark. The bar was in the centre of the pub and you could walk all the way around. Half of the pub was elevated with a few small steps leading down to a lower level (about a foot or two lower than the higher level). The pub was decorated and furnished like a traditional English pub. I walked around it counter-clockwise and was about to descend the steps when I saw that an former work colleague, HF, was seated at a table by the steps. She stopped me for a conversation and I stood behind her on the steps while we talked. I cannot recall what was said. I saw two dogs - one was a spaniel-type breed. They were with their old male owner at the next table, near the bar. I went to pet the spaniel and it bit me lightly on the hand. I said: 'No!' in a commanding voice and tapped it softly on the nose in warning. The old man then told me I could train his dog for him, so I began to do this.

I was then with ECM, a former friend. EMC is very short in real life, but in the dream she seemed to be a young child. She was dressed in a bright yellow coat. I noticed that I was a second pub, but cannot recall much about it. I saw my mum's friend, CC. She was eating ravioli in a tomato sauce. I thought the sauce resembled one I had seen my housemate prepare earlier in real life. CC told me the ravioli was the tastiest she had ever eaten and I tried a bit of it from her plate which was stacked full. She told me she had ordered it from Dominoes Pizza, which surprised me. I then saw EMC run off. I told CC I had to chase ECM and keep her safe. CC said she would help me. We left the pub and found we were at the seaside. We boarded a large cruise ship which was where ECM had apparently run. The ship was docked and we were standing on the deck in the sunshine, wondering where to look first.

The scene changed again, before I could find ECM. I was in a different pub, still in the seaside town. The pub was light and airy and there was a bar running alongside the wall where the windows were. I was seated on a bar stool at the bar. To my right side was a table at which were seated various of my former school friends. Next to their table, one of my favourite bands, Glassjaw were performing a live set. I was pleasantly surprised because in real life I have attempted to see this band perform live, but each time the shows were cancelled due to the frontman Daryl Palumbo's poor health. After the set had finished I had a conversation with Daryl, but I cannot recall what it was about.

I was then in another pub. My mum, nan, cousin HM, and aunt, VF were also present. I was sitting at a window seat with my back to my family, who were sitting behind me on a semi circular sofa with a table. I was trying to put a letter in a brown manilla envelope, but my nan kept handing me postage stamps which confused me. I was getting annoyed - because I had so many different stamps being handed to me and the envelope was over-stuffed and had to be re-sealed with sellotape. I started moaning at my nan and telling her to leave me alone and stop giving me stamps. I wanted to send my letter without any assistance. An old man sitting nearby told me I was being rude to my nan and should accept her help. I chose the biggest, most decorative of the stamps she had given me and stuck it on the envelope. I then joined my family at the table. My mum told my aunt that she was doing a history degree. She whispered (audibly) that her coursework was about the Nazi, and the morality of drugs laws. I wondered what the connection between these two subjects were and was surprised that my mum had chosen to study history when she worked in elder care and was interested in this as a topic. 

I was then in a house which belonged to my mum. It was not her real life flat, but instead a big dark house, where the lounge was also a bedroom. I was asking my mum if I could borrow her computer and she said I could. I was dismayed to see that it was an old-fashioned typewriter and I did not know how to operate it. My mum pulled down a part which clipped onto the top, setting it up for use. I thought my mum seemed more technologically advanced than myself, as I would not have known how to use this typewriter which was not a normal one. I started typing (I am not sure what) and could hear my mum and nan in conversation beside me. My mum was telling my nan that my young cousin JC2 was having trouble because he had lost some cannabis and could not get hold of any more. My nan called over to me and asked me to contact my friend CD to ask for a re-supply of cannabis for JC2. I said I would, but I needed to finish my typing first. I was surprised that my mum and nan were trying to arrange a drug deal on behalf of my younger cousin, even though it is openly known that myself and several of my family members - including my uncle, aunt and cousins - all smoke cannabis occasionally. I heard my stepdad call my mum through to another room. 

Note that two of my aunts - VF (who appears in this dream) and KC (who does not appear in this dream, but whom is the mother of JC2, who was referred to in the dream) share names with two dream characters - a character in Gavin & Stacey and another prominent female celebrity who appeared in a later dream scene!

I cannot recall anything else about this dream, but if any further memories resurface, I will note them below...

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