Thursday, 1 January 2015

Dream 342

'Weird Books & Yellow Dresses'
I was arguing with my nan in her living-room over some sewing. I think I had agreed to do some sewing for my cousin HM and my nan was trying to tell me I could not do it.

I was then in a very hazy dream scene in which an unfamiliar female dream character told me that chilli con carne is supposed to be served cold. 

I found myself in a classroom where I was with some strangers, flicking through books. On the last page of the books were black and white photographs, which looked more like photocopies from their quality. Some of the books had photographs of me in them. I found one where I was pictured close-up, although a flaw in the printing had left me with a white streak across my nose, ruining the picture. I was trying to get hold of all of the books to find one in which my photograph was perfectly reproduced.

I was then in my nan's house again, with PS. We were getting dressed to go to a party and were in my bedroom, standing in front of the mirror at the dressing table. I was wearing a yellow dress, but as I turned I noticed a large orangey-red square patch on the back of the skirt. I wondered what this was and why it was there, because it made the dress look ugly. 

* When I woke up from this dream I found I had started my period.

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