Monday, 5 January 2015

Dream 344

'Boxed Chickens'
Dream date: 2 January 2015
I was going to meet up with MS, my first ever high school boyfriend. We were adults, but I am not sure whether we were leading the same lives (now) as in waking reality as it appeared that we both still lived in Sheringham. I was pleased about this, and wondered what had made him want to catch up with me. I didn't know if he would be the same person I remembered.

I was walking down an Avenue, or a road called 'The Avenues' (although it was still in Sheringham, not the place of this name in Norwich). I could see sycamore leaves on the pavement and thought that it looked like Autumn, but was in fact Spring.

I had a long rectangular box with a clear plastic window. Through the window, I could see that the box was stuffed full with baby chickens (chicks) - I am not sure if they were real or just fakes ones. I could not see what they were made of. They looked quite cartoon-like, bright yellow and very square and squishy in shape. I thought the box of chickens looked like an Easter gift. 

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