Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Dream 358

'Mark Renton's Sister From Another Mister'
Dream date: 22 January 2015
I dreamed from the perspective of a young woman living in the late 1980s. I never saw what 'I' looked like, but I was in my early 20s and was part of a working-class family which consisted of a father, mother and an older sister. I had two sons, the younger of which was called 'Bang'. My elder sister had pretensions of grandeur and acted as if she were middle-class, dressing in Laura Ashley. I was a heroin addict and my family were ashamed of me. 

I attended a family meal at my parent's home. My 'mum' had made a lemon meringue pie for desert. Before we had even eaten the main course, my father ate a slice of the pie. We were standing in the kitchen (my mum was upstairs). It was daylight. My mum came into the kitchen and saw the ruined desert and started blaming me. I said 'I like heroin more than I like cake, and I haven't taken any heroin today, so I definitely didn't eat the cake!' This seemed to be perfectly logical to me.

My sister took me upstairs and gave me a bottle of Gordon's gin, because I was also an alcoholic and in need of a drink. I came downstairs to the lounge, drinking the gin straight from the bottle. The lounge was the same as my nan's living-room in Sheringham. My mum started screaming at me that I had stolen the gin from her bedroom, but I was protesting, saying that my sister had given it to me as a gift. No-one believed me and my sister would not confirm this to save me from their accusations. 

There was a scene outside a laundrette and another one at night, outside a nightclub. I cannot recall these scenes.

I had a wrap of cocaine, but I was worried about snorting it and wanted to take it orally. I started snorting the cocaine with some male dream characters. There was an older female heroin addict named Marjorie. 

I was then informed (as myself, the dreamer) that this dream was the plot for a best-selling novel. The book was a re-working of Irvine Welsh's hit novel, Trainspotting (1993) told from the perspective of an English female heroin addict. The tagline for the book (given by reviewers) was 'The story of Mark Renton's sister from another mister'. I woke up thinking this was a great idea for a novel.

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