Thursday, 15 January 2015

Dream 351

'Weird Presents & Parties'
Dream date: 11 January 2015
I was in my nan's house in Sheringham when I became aware that one of the undergraduate students for whom I am responsible in my job had left some mail for me. One of my colleagues, EF informed me about this. I travelled to EF's residences, where the mail had been supposedly left, and I could see that on a table were many greetings cards. I looked inside them and they were all addressed to my other colleagues - although my name was mentioned in some of them. The students who had written the greetings cards were thanking us for our hard work. I asked someone (unseen) where the mail intended for me was. I was given a package, which was indeed addressed to me, but had a house no. 28 on it instead of my own house number. I found myself back at my nan's house, where I was sitting on the floor, opening the package. Inside were two bars of chocolate, some other (unrecalled) items and a book. The book (I saw the title, but cannot recall what it was) had a black cover which folded out, double the normal size. The book was a new popular best-seller about two young boys who escape from a well. They were depicted on the cover picture. I did not want to read this book.

I was then in a different location - exiting a shopping mall. As I was about to walk through the doors to leave, I saw some acquaintances entering - BB and KB - a grandmother and granddaughter who live in Sheringham and know my family. I head someone say: 'Hello [my actual name]' and I thought it was one of them, but when I turned around to look, I saw it was LB, who is BB's daughter and KB's aunt. She was standing outside a shop. She said: 'I have your lip-gloss which I need to return to you'. However, the lip-gloss was in the boot of her car, so she told me she would give it to me in a cafe.

I went to the cafe to wait for LB. My mum was in there. I sat at a table and noticed that KP and AP (two sisters with whom I went to school) were also in the cafe, sitting in window seats, while I was seated at a table in the centre. I saw a dog which had fur resembling human faces - the dog was a light colour and the human faces were made out of darker fur. I was showing the dog to my mum, pointing at it. It was with it's owner, halfway between were we were sitting and where KP and AP were sitting. KP and AP starting laughing and making jokes about me. I am not sure in what context, but I felt paranoid and uncomfortable. The dog bounded over to me and I noticed that it was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (my favourite breed) crossed with a Spaniel (one of my least favourite breeds). I was stroking it and found it to be a friendly dog. I then looked at KP and AP to see what they were doing. AP was wearing a green knitted cardigan/dress item, and it started unravelling and fell off. She had clothes on underneath, but she was shocked and upset as the green woollen garment was a designer label and special to her. I felt vindicated and pleased that the joke was no longer on me. 

I was then with PS or someone who I have recalled as being PS (I cannot remember seeing this dream character). We were watching a musical performance by actress Lenora Crichlow, although it seemed to be a stage rehearsal. The room was brightly lit and there were several other people watching. Suddenly, we were watching Lenora on a video screen instead of live - it was a music video for the song she was singing. She was a pregnant mermaid swimming under the sea and stroking rocks. I commented to PS that this was a strange music video and wasn't very sexy because she was pretending to be pregnant - she was also topless. I also remarked that this video must be part of the 'Free the Nipple Campaign'.

I was then walking from my nan's house up towards Sunway Park in Sheringham, with someone (a young male, I am not sure who, but I feel as though I know or knew him well at some point in my life). It was daylight, but the light was fading. We passed the turning where my nan's aunt lives (about 50 yards from my nan's house) and saw a small square, beige building on the left (where my nan's aunt's house would normally be). This small square building was the venue for a house party. I had a very strong sense of deja-vu - as if I had seen this exact same scene before. It left me wondering when I had seen a party at this house. I assumed that the house party was being hosted by MS, a boy from my school. I could see loads of people through the windows and in the garden. Many people - including SW2 and other people I went to school with - were standing outside the square house, on the pavement, drinking cans of beer. A very short distance along the road, there were more crowds of people, celebrating. It looked like a street party. There was some interaction between myself, the young male whom I was with and some other people we met. Some scaffolding was in the pavement, and we leaned against it. Some people (unrecalled) were doing something which was making me angry and I was telling them to stop and leave me alone, but they would not. They were making threats which I was not taking seriously, but which was worsening my mood. They were doing the same to my companions. Suddenly, two full-uniform police officers (male) approached from behind them and I started laughing. One of my 'enemies' said something vicious to me and I pointed out the police officers, who arrested them. 

This is all I can recall about this dream.

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