Thursday, 22 January 2015

Dream 355

'Makeup for Dolls'
Dream date: 19 January 2015
I was with someone - I think it was my cousin, HM. We were playing with some large-headed fashion dolls, which resembled Bratz Dolls. We were putting makeup on them. I then found myself in a makeup shop, buying makeup brushes for lipstick application. 

In the next scene, I was looking at a computer screen, scrolling through images of young black males (all unknown). Suddenly, I became aware that one of the pictures was Tinie Tempah, a UK musician. 

Something was said about Terry Wogan, the Irish TV and radio broadcaster. I think it was scandalous or negative, but I cannot remember what it was about, other than I have the subtle impression it was in relation to the UK police investigation, Operation Yewtree into sexual abuse within the British entertainment industry. It was not necessarily the case that I dreamed Wogan was a suspect (he has in real-life condemned the defendants uncovered by Yewtree, in particular, notorious paedophile and necrophiliac, Jimmy Savile).

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