Thursday, 22 January 2015

Dream 354

'A Sexy Nun'
Dream date: 17 January 2015
I was in a room filled with various people with whom I went to high school. I was thinking 'I've been accepted by the popular girls now' and this felt positive. The room was much like a typical lounge, with sofas and coffee tables. The 'popular girls' were seated on one long sofa. Behind them, was a blonde girl - tall, slim and slightly older than us (we were our teenage selves). I recognised that she was someone who had moved to the local area and also been accepted by the popular crowd due to her being both pretty and 'cool'. I wondered where she had come from and how she had met everyone.

I was then in a supermarket - Sainsbury's in Sheringham (this shop had not opened when we were in high school, it has only been on the high street for a few years). I was standing by the fresh bread section. LT - one of a pair of male/female twins from my local area, but not someone I know other than by name and his appearance when he was also at school in a year group below my own - was also in the shop. He threw a tube of Pringles at me and asked me to put them in a shopping basket. I walked over the the tills (which were in the centre of the shop instead of to the right of the entrance) and put the Pringles in the shopping basket of the older female whom I assumed he was with. It was the pretty blonde female from earlier. She was wearing a nun's habit and she turned towards me and winked. 

I was then in a pink Land Rover with the 'sexy nun' (as I now thought of her) and a couple of other females from my school. We were driving to my nan's house. As soon as we got outside my nan's house, I realised the Land Rover was driving itself - the steering wheel was turning as if on auto-pilot. We were picking someone (unseen) up, so we parked outside the house and waited in the vehicle.

I then witnessed the next dream scene from a bird's eye view. It was a seen on a cold, wet British high street - in an unspecified city. There was a huge, crushing crowd, surging forward in excitement. I noticed that the crowd was made up of hundreds of females, all holding makeup brushes aloft - the crowd had gathered to buy some limited edition makeup brushes before they all sold out!

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