Monday, 5 January 2015

Dream 345

'Pharmaceutical Supplies'
Dream date: 3 January 2015
I was going to get married - I think it was to DL, but in the dream he had Pakistani parents. My future mother-in-law was telling me that it was now normal for a new bride to be given a cupboard of alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs before they got married. The bride could drink the alcohol or take the drugs if she needed them. I saw a row of cupboards, filled with bottles of alcoholic spirits and white prescription boxes. However, I knew these prescription boxes of drugs were not actually pharmaceutical drugs, but rather, illegal, recreational ones. It was supposedly something which all young women received and I was only just finding out that all married women were being medicated by alcohol and drugs.

I asked my future mother-in-law how she had been able to arrange the cupboard of alcohol and drugs and how she felt about it, given that she was Muslim. She said: 'The drugs are for you, not me' as if to justify it. I felt slightly annoyed, and paranoid that my new family was providing me with intoxicating substances and hoping I would drink and do drugs instead of facing my problems sober. DL was not really intervening, or participating much in the dream - he was just stood by my side for the majority of it.

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