Thursday, 22 January 2015

Dream 357

'Trying to Find a Semi-Automatic in a Horrible False Awakening'
Dream date: 21 January 2015
I induced a lucid dream by using the WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming) technique. I had a false awakening, with lucidity. I found myself in bed with DL in the dark. He used his hand to strike my right thigh. It felt like an intense stab wound. I was so shocked and in so much pain, I fell back into a normal sleep.

I woke up again, and found that this was another lucid false awakening. I was standing in my room and there were two DLs. One was standing in front of me - he was benign and non-threatening. Another version of him was standing in the corner, in the dark. This version in the corner was jumping from foot to foot and stretching his arms up into the air. I did feel threatened by the DL in the corner. I knew he intended me some harm and was waiting to pounce on me and hurt me again. I tried to change the dream scene by closing my eyes and telling myself it was possible to do this. I also tried spinning on the spot. Nothing changed the dream scene - I was stuck in this false awakening  within my bedroom with the two DLs. I tried telling the friendly DL that I was in a lucid dream and wanted to wake up. I pleaded with him to help me wake up, but he couldn't do anything. I knew he did not accept that he was just a dream character in my lucid dream and I felt stupid asking a dream character to help me wake up! I then decided to manifest a weapon with which to 'kill' the nasty DL (still dancing about in the corner of the room). I got a shotgun. I could not load the shotgun - the bullets/cartridges would not fit. I tried to fire the gun without loading it, but it didn't work. I decided I needed an automatic weapon. I found that there was an orange wooden gun rack in the corner of the room adjacent to the nasty DL. It was well-lit, despite the rest of the room  being dark. The gun rack was pretty empty, but I thought: 'I need a weapon which just sprays the bullets!' and saw one that I recognised from playing Call of Duty. This was the 'SN6 - Hammer', although in the dream, I thought it was called an 'Anchor'. I took it off the rack and started firing it at nasty DL - I am not sure exactly what happened because I lost lucidity at this point and went into a normal non-lucid dream.

I was in a supermarket. My mum was asking the female shop assistant to help her find some panty-liners. The shop assistant gave her a pack of them, but my mum just looked at them and threw them back on the shelf. My mum said she and my stepdad were going on a reality TV show called 'Paul'. I assumed this was like Big Brother or I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and they would be gone for a while, but my mum told me it was more like a holiday and they would only be gone for a week. I then saw my mum and stepdad on the show 'Paul' - they were with an elderly zoologist who was wearing a Safari outfit. The three of them stood around a surgical table on which a monkey/ape (perhaps a chimpanzee) was laying, unconscious. The chest of the chimp was made of hard, thick leather, with a big wooden zip down it. The zoologist had unzipped the chest and stomach of the chimp and was examining the insides, showing my parents the internal organs. I thought that this was unethical, and I also got to see what they were looking at in close detail, as if I was hovering just above the surgical table. 

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