Friday, 23 September 2016

Dream 701

'Special Cannabis Bar'
Date: 20 September 2016
Time: 23:00 - 09:00 (I woke up from this due to an alarm)
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall

This dream is part of my Dream Incubation Experiment - Eminem / Marshall Mathers III Dream - click HERE (post will open in a new window) to see the details of this Dream Incubation Experiment, including the methodology and results of previous Dream Incubation Experiments.

Scene 1:  A Bar, Sheringham - Day
I was in my home town of Sheringham. I had been talking to my Stepdad who told me that I needed to go to a bar which was open on a road just off the seafront - so at the bottom of town, towards the beach. I found the bar quite easily - it was in one of the seafront cottages which have flint walls. I went into the bar, which looked quite shabby and as if it had been set up in someone's house. I have created an image of what the layout of the bar looked like. The actual drinks bar was made of a rough light-coloured wood and there were wooden tables and chairs behind a partition wall. Behind the bar, the wall was covered with flyers, posters and art works, which added to the bohemian, laid-back feel. A number of dream characters - mainly young surfer-type men - were sitting on bar stools along the bar. I approached one of the 2 male servers behind the bar and asked him if this was the place to buy cannabis. He said that it was and asked me to wait while he weighed the cannabis. 

I walked behind the partition wall (which had glass at the top, so you could still see through to the other part of the bar). A number of dream characters were sitting on the tables in this section of the room. One of them handed me a small booklet. I looked inside - it was a collection of photographs of a female model, posing on the beach or in the street - in a range of local locations. In each photograph she was dressed and made up as a monster. In the photograph of her on the beach - with some other people - she was dressed in aluminum foil and had zombie makeup on her face. One of the customers in the bar told me that she was a famous society girl who had become well-known for transforming into monsters. 

I collected my cannabis from the server behind the bar and went outside - it was nearly dusk. I started swinging on the gate post, noticing that the front of the bar (behind the wall) was a small garden with little pink flowers. My Stepdad walked past and we had a conversation. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream, but I think there are some details I have forgotten. 

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • Sheringham as a dreamscene location

  • I was able to buy cannabis from a new bar which had opened by the beach in Sheringham

Day Residue: 
  • On the day of this dream I watched an episode of Sex and the City - 'The Post-it Always Sticks Twice' (S06E07) where the main characters try to score some cannabis in a dive-bar and find that it's sold from behind the bar

Waking Reactions: 
This dream did not reference my Dream Incubation Experiment or Eminem. This dream seemed like there was a significance linked to the bar that I visited - I woke up wanting to go back there.

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