Thursday, 25 January 2018


'My Ex-Boyfriend's Teeth'
Date: January 2018
Time: Unknown
Type of dream: Dream Fragments/Lucid False Awakening
Dream recall: Weak recall 

Scene 1: Unknown
I do not know the location in which the start of this dream took place. I recall seeing my ex-boyfriend, PS and seeing a close-up of his teeth, which looked perfect (while we were together PS had some extensive dental work to correct some discolouration and fix some smashed teeth after he was attacked by some men with a knuckleduster). I wondered if this really was PS or whether it was someone else and I had mistaken their identity. I cannot recall any conversation. 

At some point later in the dream I was sitting beside someone (unknown) on a park bench which seemed to be outside. N the Dog was on my lap and I was stroking him. 

I woke up in my own bed. This was a false awakening and I was aware and fully lucid. I was laying under the covers of my bed and I could see a ghostly white translucent hand above the duvet, reaching for me. I could see my laptop on the desk chair beside my bed, which was where it was in real life. I was aware that the ghost hand was trying to touch me. I started screaming out for someone to come into my dream to help me. No-one came. I shouted for both DL and R3A, my friends. Neither of them entered my dream. I closed my eyes and tried to change the dream scene. I found myself standing in a glass room, with light glowing from my arms - as if I had super powers. All I could see were the glass walls of the empty room and darkness beyond. I tried to stretch my arms out and saw the glowing light was bright red. It reminded me of an old commercial for the breakfast product, Ready Brek ('Central Heating for Kids'). I was on guard and thought that something from somewhere might come and attack me while I was stuck in the glass room. I wished for a weapon and looked at my right hand, trying to visualise this. Instead I saw a blue diamond shape, which looked like a plumbob from The Sims. I realised this would not help me. The blue diamond glowed in my hand. It was around the size of a matchbox. I then lost lucidity and fell back asleep. 

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