Monday, 22 January 2018

Dream 893

'Home Invasion'
Date: January 2018
Time: Unknown
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall 

Scene 1: A Family Home - Evening
I was in a family home which my family lived in - my Mum, Stepdad, Nan and various aunts uncles and cousins. The house had a large lounge and a kitchen running alongside this. Adjacent to the lounge and kitchen was a conservatory which overlooked a large, L-shaped garden enclosed by a chain-link fence. 

My family were in the kitchen, plating up some takeaway fish and chips for the evening meal. The dining table was in the lounge. In the lounge were my former housemates (one of whom is a former colleague, and neither of whom know each other), CD3 and SH2. In the dream they were in a relationship with each other, and this annoyed me. They were sitting on an armchair. SH2 was sitting on the arm. They had invited a number of guests over. I was not aware why they were in my family home or why they felt it appropriate to invite guests over. I was really angry by the fact they were 'invading' my homelife. 

There was a TV on in the lounge - a very small screen. It was showing an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, although this episode was showing Anakin Skywalker, Grand Moff Tarkin, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano in one of Anakin's Starfighters. They were looking out of the front glass, so the view was as if the 'audience' were in space, just in front of the Starfighter. SH2 did not seem to understand what we were watching and she asked: 'Who is Anakin?' I started explaining who Anakin was and what the Clone Wars was about. I then found out that CD3 and SH2's guests had ordered an Indian takeaway and planned to eat it in the lounge, which meant that my family would not have space to eat our meal. I went into the (dark) kitchen, where my family were all gathered to tell them. My Mum went into the lounge to deal with the situation. 

I then walked through to the conservatory area with my Nan. My uncle GC (wearing an apron) was also there and we started talking to him. Through the glass windows, I saw there were a number of young men trying to break through the chain-link fence into the garden. My Nan started panicking and told me to go and sort it out. I went out into the garden, and saw there was an alien there. It looked like a large green-grey ghost-like being, the size of a tall human adult and composed of slimy ectoplasm. It was passive and for some reason I perceived no threat from it, so I left it and went towards the chain-link fence, shouting at the males to leave us alone or we would call the police. A number of the males then jumped the fence - which was at least 7 feet high. They ran towards me and I was backed into a corner of the garden. One of the males - with dark brown hair and a beard - pushed me to the ground and started punching me in the face. I was trying to defend myself, but as I was laying on the ground and other males joined in, punching and kicking me it was no use. A female joined them, but I did not see her (or recall seeing her). She began to spit on me and I was completely covered in her saliva. This was more demeaning and abusive than the physical assault by the males. The majority of the saliva gathered in my right armpit area. I managed to get up and break away from the attackers. Back inside the house, I was really traumatised. I cannot recall what else happened in this dream. I perceived it as a nightmare. Although I did not note the specific date of this dream (as my dreamwork lapsed again in recent times), this dream took place the night after my last nightmare - Dream 892 - 'Murder by Choke-Out'.

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