Friday, 26 January 2018

Dream 897 (LUCID DREAM)

'Glasses Growing Out of the Carpet'
Date: January 2018
Time: Unknown
Type of dream: Vivid dream/Fully-Lucid Dream
Dream recall: Strong recall 

Scene 1: Unknown Location - Day
At the start of the dream I was in a location I cannot recall. I was standing at a railing, which I think was on an upper-floor of a building or some kind of balcony. I was wearing white underwear and I was much fatter than usual. However, soon after noticing the weight gain, I then found that I was back to my normal weight/size and I was now wearing a white vest top and miniskirt. I was pleased to see I was no longer fat. 

I was with a male dream character - I think it may have been DL. I was telling him that I wanted to buy an external hard-drive (in real life I had mentioned this to him in a phone conversation). 

Scene 2: My Bathroom, Norwich - Night
I then found myself in my bathroom, standing beside the bath. I think there was someone else present at this point, but they soon disappeared or left and I cannot recall who it was. I was looking into my bath, and saw that it was filthy and some clothes were laying in there. I was annoyed because I realised I should clean the bath. At this point, I then became spontaneously lucid. I walked into my lounge (which is round the corner from the bathroom) and saw that there the room was relatively similar to how I would expect it to look in real life, just a bit larger, with more floor space between the kitchen area and the seating area. There were a number of drinking glasses and cups (too many to count, but more than 20) upside down 'growing' out of the carpet. I decided to walk into my bedroom in an attempt to see if the dream scene changed (as often dream visualisation techniques fail in my lucid dreams). I lost lucidity during this very short walk. 

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