Saturday, 17 February 2018

Dream 916

'Guns on the Bus'
Date: 16 February 2018
Time: 07:30 - 13:00
Type of dream: Normal dream
Dream recall: Weak recall 

This dream was part of my current Dream Incubation Experiment - Anakin Skywalker Dream. Please click HERE for my post on the Dream Incubation Experiment, the Methodology I am using (with instructions for those who also want to attempt to incubate their own dream) and links to my previous Dream Incubation Experiments and previous Star Wars-themed dreams. On that post you will also find an Index for all recorded dreams which take place during this experiment.

Scene 1: A Bus - Day
I was on a bus and was aware that terrorists were onboard. These 'terrorists' were a group of young male dream characters, some white and some Chinese. There were 5 terrorists sitting on the back seat of the bus - all dressed in casual clothing - jeans and sportswear. There were some other terrorists sitting on the seats just in front of the back seat. Most of the terrorists were holding large guns - assault rifles. 

I was at the front of the bus and in front of me, further down the aisle - i.e. closer to the terrorists - was another male dream character who was an ally. Someone behind me was trying to pass another assault rifle down the bus to the terrorists at the back. This would involve getting the gun past myself and my ally. I had a plan. When the person passing the gun (a young white male dream character) threw it to a passenger seated in the middle of the bus, ordering them to pass down to the back, I would intercept the gun and pass it to my ally, preventing the terrorists getting hold of it. 

The guy with the gun threw it to a female passenger who was seated halfway down the bus. I shouted at her to throw it to me, which she did. I then shouted at my ally to catch the gun and use it to shoot the terrorists. I threw it to him and he immediately passed it to a Chinese male who was seated on the seat just before the back seat - one of the terrorists. I could not believe he handed the gun to one of our enemies when I had told him to use it to defend the bus and shoot the terrorists. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Extra Information: 
No Vitamin B6 taken (forgot)

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • None of note


  • Terrorists with guns on a bus

Day Residue: 
  • On 14 February 2018 a school shooting took place in Parkland, Florida (Nikolas Cruz) - this obviously received huge amounts of coverage in the media/on social media
  • The day before this dream I watched a Louis Theroux documentary about gun crime, murder and drug dealing in Philadelphia
  • The day before this dream I was discussing Chinese culture with a friend

Waking Reactions: 
From the limited amount I am able to recall about this dream, it is clearly heavily influenced by Day Residue.

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