Thursday, 1 February 2018


Whenever my dreamwork has lapsed or needs some form of revitalisation, I tend to do a Dream Incubation Experiment to reinvigorate and kickstart the process and encourage me to pay more attention to my dreams and record-keeping. I have undertaken a number of Dream Incubation Experiments since the inception of this Blog, and before I recorded and published my dreams, I often experimented with dream incubation, since early childhood when I first learned that some people are able to control (or more specifically, train their minds/plant the seed) their dream content. Many of my previous Dream Incubation Experiments have failed or had limited success. 

I decided that my new Dream Incubation Experiment should return to a theme which actually spontaneously occurs in many of my normal dreams - Star Wars. I feel that due to my everyday waking exposure to the Star Wars fandom, incubating a dream of this nature should be relatively easy. More specifically, I am going to attempt to incubate a dream about Anakin Skywalker - who is a regular dream character in my dreams and someone I find very desirable. I am not going to attempt to incubate a specific 'narrative' for the Anakin Skywalker dream - I am going to let my subconscious make that choice for me.

See the bottom of post for Index of dreams which take place during this Dream Incubation Experiment.

I will do the following to incubate my chosen dream theme:
  • Perform the MILD Technique for lucid dreaming on a daily basis. If this dream is a lucid dream, it will therefore be a DILD (Dream-Initiated/Induced Lucid Dream). However, lucidity is not a specific aim of this Dream Incubation Experiment - if it happens during the course of the experiment, it will be a happy eventuality, not an intended result I am working towards.
  • Incorporate elements of Tholey's Combined Technique for lucid dreaming, which has been reviewed as the most successful (cognitive) method for lucid dream induction and works well in conjunction with MILD, which is based on similar cognitive programming of the mind. I will adapt the key steps of critical reflection, intention and auto-suggestion so that I not only encourage myself to become lucid, but use these as a way of incubating my desired dream theme.
  • Use visual aids - such as a written reminder of my specific question - as well as immersing myself in material relevant to my dream incubation during my waking hours. I will also keep the written prompt for my dream incubation under my pillow and make sure I read it before going to sleep each night.
  • Where possible, I will perform the Wake-Back-to-Bed method.
  • Incorporate my chosen dream theme in both my daily reality checks (15 - 20 per day) by thinking clearly and positively about my incubated dream theme after each reality check.
  • Train myself to spot dreamsigns when reflecting on my Dream Journal entries each day following a dream.
  • Meditate on my incubated dream theme for at least 10 minutes before sleep and perform specific affirmations alongside the normal MILD Technique/Tholey's Combined Technique ones ('I will lucid dream about [incubated dream theme] tonight, and I will remember it') - this should also encourage successful dream recall.
  • Use Dream Visualisation before sleep - using my previous dreams based on the incubated dream theme as inspiration.
  • 100 - 150 mg of 'lucid dream supplement' Vitamin B6 (2/3 x 50 mg pills) where I am able to remember to do so before sleep - I will specifically note when I have taken this supplement.

Here are previous Dream Incubation Experiments I have undertaken on this Blog:

Here is a list of Star Wars-themed dreams I have had since I started this Blog (note I have not included dreams which were indirectly influenced by Star Wars, but do not include Star Wars content, nor dreams in which actors from Star Wars appear, but not as their Star Wars characters). Click on each dream title to access each post:

It is actually really interesting to see all my Star Wars-themed dreams in a list. It's obvious from a mere glance that the majority of dreams feature Anakin Skywalker and that both the earliest Star Wars dream I could find - and my most recent - both focus on Luke Skywalker. 


(click on dream title to access each post):

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